Newfoundland and Labrador


Hey, Newfoundlanders! This page is for you, and for anyone who wants to get to know our province better. The following posts of mine are of local interest in easy-to-find links.

The page will be updated when new local posts are added.
Please scroll to the bottom for Newtown posts.

Road Trip 2: Beautiful Bonavista

Road Trip to the Great Northern Peninsula

Monument in Bronze

A Saturday in Lead Cove

Weekend Visit

A Rocky Isle

Virginia Rose

Blogger Bouquet #54: Wandering Canadians Visit Newfoundland

Mariners’ Memorial


A Tourist’s Delight: “Dear Old Signal Hill”

Beach Love (Lumsden)

Christmas and The Great Coast

West Coast Road Trip

Took Brain to the Beach

Calmer Secrets Setting in Pictures

Calmer Girls Setting in Pictures

Getaway to Twillingate Part II

Getaway to Twillingate

Come From Away – A Review

Book Club Brunch

A Weekend Walk Part II: Lovely Greenspond (2016)

A Weekend Walk…and Book Stuff (Greenspond 2016)

Scenes From a St. John’s Book Launch

Abstracts in Seasonal Photography

Scenes from Bonavista

Bonavista Bay Polar Bear

Berg Watching in Greenspond

Greenspond (1) – A Walking Trail, Bergy Bits, and Other Pretty Things

Greenspond (Part 2)

Eastport Peninsula

Elliston, Root Cellar Capital of the World -“Mom, Where Do Babies Come From?”

Grand Bank

Grates Cove

Kilmory Resort, Swift Current – Vivian’s View From Here

Lead Cove in Summer – Summer Lovin’

Lead Cove – Weekend Family Fun

Lumsden Beach – Sunshine, Surf, and Sand

My Dad in Labrador

Ron Hynes – Man of a Thousand Songs

Sailing in Bonavista Bay – To Sea by Virtue

Springdale, King’s Point (& Newtown) – So Long, Summer)

St. John’s: Downtown Architecture

St. John’s: Signal Hill – Playing Tourist in my Own Hometown


All Things Newtown:

Ten Years in This Old House

The Old and the New

Buoys of Summer

Skipper Alex


Summer Evening

Found Art in Driftwood

Lots of Winter Ahead Yet, But…

First Snowfall (and Fun Neighbours)

Happy Thanksgiving, Fellow Canadians

Summer’s End

A New Perspective – Aerial View of Perry’s Point, Newtown

Where Once They Lived: The Beothuk of Perry’s Point

Butterflies and Daisies

Sunday Snap(s): Neighbours

Pages From The Past: Moving to Newtown

Sunday Snap: Old

Flippery Friend

Concerned: Part Two

Sunday Snapshot: Concerned

Sunday Snapshot: Whitecoat

Barbour Tickle

Daily Prompt: Impression

Spring and a Special Remembrance

Video: Out and About with Vivian

Vivian’s View From Here: Window Cats

Arrival of Winter & New Horizons

A Murder on Perry’s Point!

Fun, Sun, Sand and Smiles

Meanwhile, in Newfoundland…

My Buttercup Runneth Over

Vivian’s View From Here: On the Prowl

Photo Challenge: Calm

Early Rise

Vivian’s View From Here: Weekend Blizzard


Happy Place Haiku

Forces of Nature


Winter’s Glaze

January Blue

My Backyard Part 1

My Backyard Part 2 – The Beach

Weekly Photo Challenge – Threes


Beach Golf, Anyone?


A Winter Visitor

Heritage Fishing Village

Autumn Walk on the East Coast

Canada Day Weekend

9 thoughts on “Newfoundland and Labrador

  1. Hey Jennifer thanks so much for the shout-out 😀
    After finally getting to Newfoundland I have now had the good fortune of visiting all 10 provinces. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to see the 3 territories though…but I’m gonna try.
    I was expecting to see beautiful scenery around Gros Morne but I didn’t expect to fall in love with the place as much as I did. What a treasure you have there! My only regret was that we didn’t have more time to visit the other side of the island. If we do ever make it back that way, I’ll let you know in advance and maybe we can do a doorscursion together on your turf.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, Norm! Just found this comment in my spam folder – haven’t we been through this before? 🙂
      You’ve visited all ten provinces – wow. I’ve only been as far east as Ontario, and haven’t been in PEI yet. I’ve visited Montreal twice and would love to return someday. Funny how I’ve been to Europe and the Carribean but haven’t visited all the provinces, but it is a huge country after all.
      It makes me so happy to read that you fell in love with the place! By all means get in touch with me if you ever come back this way. We might be able to swing a meetup. Have a great weekend! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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