A Murder on Perry’s Point!

A murder of crows, that is.


There is already a meme going around similar to this next one, but when I saw crows on Perry’s Point the other day, I couldn’t resist making my own.



In other news:

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In the continuing saga of Vivian K. Perry:

You will be pretty again, Viv ❤

Tomorrow will be our fourth trip to the vet to get more meds for Vivian’s allergic dermatitis. The side of her face has still not healed, so they are prescribing a higher dose of this second prescribed medication. At least she doesn’t have to go along this time, and we are super thankful for that.

Speaking of being thankful,

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American followers and blogger friends!


18 thoughts on “A Murder on Perry’s Point!

  1. Oh Jennifer poor Vivian it must be so frustrating that the rash is not clearing. Hope she gets better soon she is so gorgeous and has a special place in my heart. Those crows looks awesome my daughter loved the term a murder of crows when she discovered thats what you call a group of them. Alas she will probably be my little goth teen one day. Something I was too shy to do, but I did have a fascination with dark stories as a young adult, Anne Rice comes to mind lol. Anything to do with Vampires. If you get the chance at a close up of a crow please share.

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    1. Thank you, Kath, for your concern for Viv. We’ve gone a step further to try and help her heal, by taping a little sock to the back foot she scratches that side of her face with (she hates the cone). Cross your fingers!

      Oh my, I also had a fascination with dark stories when I was much younger. I think I read every book out there on serial killers when I was a teen. Ha ha, not sure, now, why I had such a fascination with them.

      I will keep on the lookout for a close-up shot of one of our crow friends. 🙂

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      1. Hope the sock works. Stephen King reader here Jennifer
        and when I met my husband he had every Stephen King in his collection. Looking back it was quite spooky but he balanced it out with owning every Gary Larson book known to man Ha!

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        1. Ha ha, nothing wrong with a little balance. Funny too, that Paul had a large collection of Stephen King when I met him. He gave them all to my son. I read Insomnia recently, because every now and then I miss Stephen King. It’s like a visit with an old friend.

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    1. We hope so too, Andrea.Thanks.
      Crows are a favourite of mine! Apparently, they are very intelligent, as well as territorial. Here in our little town, they protect the pigeons and small birds from birds of prey such as hawks, driving them away when they get too close. 🙂

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