Forces of Nature

Once again, iceberg season has arrived in Newfoundland.

Icebergs are beautiful to photograph and are a huge Force of Nature ( we only have to think of the Titanic disaster ) but the pack ice that often accompanies them can wreak their own special havoc. In our part of the world, these masses of moving ice interfere with fishing and sometimes even trap whales and dolphins.

In the area of Bonavista Bay North where I live, the water is too shallow to allow the big icebergs to get very close, but we do see plenty of pack ice and bergy bits.

Enter the seagulls. These hardy scavenger birds are so well-adapted to this rugged environment, I am in awe. Their ability to not only survive, but to thrive here, may well be called another force of nature.

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Like all of our feathered friends in the northern hemisphere, seagulls mate in spring. This is the time of year in Newfoundland we see them answer to their instinct and pair off to procreate. They are monogamous, usually with one mate for life.

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On the evening I took these photos, the setting sun cast interesting shadows and hues upon the ice and the water.

Of course, speaking of a force of nature, our Vivian needed to be a part of it all.blogw (15)

What Forces of Nature do you have in your backyard?

32 thoughts on “Forces of Nature

  1. Jennifer, these are stunning pictures. A variety of birds is the force of nature in my back garden. I can always tell when the neighbor’s cat shows up because the robins make quite the racket.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

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    1. Wendy, I don’t know how I missed your comment here! A variety of birds in your backyard is such a gift from nature. A couple doors away from here, a neighbour has many birdfeeders which guarantees their presence, and my cats love to visit there. I won’t put any out because I certainly don’t want to entice them as prey!


  2. The end of the earth in your neck of the woods is divine and so different to where we live. Love those icy captures Jennifer. My back yard is filling with the signs of winter. The days are warm yet a bite in the air finds you by about 4pm. The fire is my sanctuary. My walk in the mornings now has the promise of spotting deer in the mist. Enjoy the big thaw my friend that view must bring such a sense of sweet joy.


  3. I tend to think of warm beaches when I think of seagulls, so seeing seagulls and icebergs together is an interesting juxtaposition. These are wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing them. And Vivian is pretty gorgeous too!

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  4. I’m captivated by those photographs …. such majesty to experience so close to home! I’m not sure yet what forces of nature are in my new back yard. So far I’ve only seen evidence of the kind that tear into the garbage. And there are some squirrels too. My three-year-old granddaughter calls them “Peskies.” Not sure where she got that from, but the name has charmed me nonetheless.

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  5. It is so beautiful there; nature, your photos of it; forces of nature are beautiful in their own right – both awe inspiring and potentially dangerous. You’ve captured it well Jennifer. ❤
    Diana xo

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