West Coast Road Trip

Earlier this month, husband Paul announced plans for a quick business trip to Port aux Basques on our province’s west coast. It had been far too long since my last visit there, so faster than you can say “riding shotgun,” I had a bag packed and my camera ready.
Fall has got to be the most colourful time to drive across the island.
As usual, I took far too many pictures,
but managed to sift and cull them down to what you see here.

Mountains loom in the distance.
The Codroy Valley is a glacial valley in the Anguille Mountains,
a sub-range of the Long Range Mountains.
It is “a lush haven for birders, nature lovers, and adventurers alike.”

Marble Mountain Ski Resort waits for snow.

Port aux Basques:

Marine Atlantic Gulf Ferry
Hotel Port aux Basques, our home for one night

Corner Brook:

The long drive back.

We opted to stay somewhere for the
second night to break up the trip.

The trees were just as vibrant from
Springdale to King’s Point, where we stayed.
We knew the inn was nice from our overnight there two years ago.

 I hope you enjoyed these scenes from our fall road trip.

*Photos taken with Canon EOS REBEL T3 and iPhone 6

34 thoughts on “West Coast Road Trip

  1. Jennifer, I went to make myself a cup of tea and got a biscuit before sitting down to read your post – a real feast for the eyes. Wondrous photos that lit up my afternoon…with the early dark the gloom tends to settle a few moments in one’s soul, your post has happily revived me – thank you for letting us tag along on your road trip. How I love your fall!!😀

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  2. Great shots. The colours in the mountains look wonderful…sigh, it is so beautiful there.
    Most of our time was in Gros Morne and then the Northern Peninsula. This post reminds me that I still have a good 2/3 of the island left to explore.

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