Vivian’s View From Here: Window Cats

Greetings, humans!041-800x415

Vivian K. Perry here, back for another guest blog on Jennifer’s Journal. I have new photos to share today!

We had snowy, blowy weather last night, which gave us pretty windows to look through when we woke up. As much as Maisie and I don’t like it when it gets too cold, sometimes snow can add an aesthetic appeal to our long winters.

The first pic shows some of Jennifer’s other cats.


Now on to us real kitties…

img_2419-832x1280At first, I thought I would like it outdoors today.
img_2417-1280x941I quickly changed my mind.
img_2418-1271x946Maisie seems oblivious to my discomfort. (Please disregard the high-tech reading lamp)
img_2422-1280x574I am quickly let back inside, and then…
img_2427-1066x1280…the shoe is on the other paw!
img_2432Ha! Snow on her nose πŸ™‚

Thanks for taking a look through the window on our world.
See you next time!


How is your winter going?
Do you have snow where you live?

40 thoughts on “Vivian’s View From Here: Window Cats

  1. Maisie looks so cute with snow on her nose! It is hot here in sunny FL. And I don’t like it. The humidity is what’s so bad, and now it is supposed to rain this weekend. I give up on our weather!
    You have the most beautiful view from your windows!

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      1. We are having an unusually warm January. Our a/c is on from about mid-May to Sept. For about 1 month in the spring and 1 in the fall, it is no a/c and no heat, which is wonderful. The winter humidity is not near as bad as the summer–but it still wrecks havoc on my hair!

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    1. Thank you, Barbara, and thanks also for the retweet! The ocean is practically on our doorstep here, it’s true. Bonavista Bay is huge and offers little protection; we are exposed to all the elements. Our neighbour used to say Perry’s Point was the worst place to be during a winter storm and the best place in the world on a sunny summer day. I like it all year round.

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  2. Lovely! Maisie is adorable when she’s cold. Winter by me? You’ll be sorry you asked. Here in Naples, Florida its 78F and mostly sunny. πŸ–πŸŒ΄πŸŒ΄πŸŒ΄πŸŒΊOur first winter as snowbirds flying from the cold 🌨 in the northeast. Stay warm, y’all!

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