Summer Lovin’

Summer in my province of Newfoundland and Labrador, compared to most of North America, is short but ever so sweet. What makes it so cherished, to my mind?

The following photos were all taken in Lead Cove, the little community where I raised my children.

I love my home for its natural beauty,
its refreshing, rugged and
unspoiled charm,
for its clear and wide blue skies
without a whisper of smog.


I love the clean, sparkling water
and the glistening rocks adorning the coastline
that beg to be traced
and trod upon by eager footsteps.


I love summer in Newfoundland
for its breathtaking views
of seascapes and landscapes
when I embark on a hike.


Whether I traverse
its beaches of sand or
climb its rocky windswept hills,
I know my camera will find its aim.

I embrace it because
the bushes and shrubs,
green and lush,
are heavy with fragrance
and of wild roses in bloom…


…while in the gardens,
the planted perennials are brilliant with colour,
delighted at last
to spread their bright petals to the sun.



I love the hardy trees of Newfoundland
in summer…


…as they stretch
their ripe foliage to the sky.
Shot through with rays of sunlight,
a shimmering haze settles over the treetops
like a warm summer veil.


After a long winter and dismal spring
of cold, naked branches,
they, as I do,
breathe a sigh of gratitude
at the return of this warm and golden season.


Are you filled with Summer Lovin’ where you live?

33 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’

  1. Oh my, what a visual treat these were. A part of Canada I have always wanted to visit. I live on the other end of the country right now in BC but my heart is really up in the Yukon. 🙂

    I am following your blog too!

    Have a wonderful weekend, G


  2. What a beautiful piece of writing! I’ve been to every province in Canada, except Newfoundland. This post makes me think that I might have to start saving and planning! Also, thanks for the like on my post about grieving and social media. I hope you will visit again! Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Judy! Do you live in Canada?
      I thought your post on Freshly Pressed was thought-provoking, especially because I found myself grieving through the media as well. It’s as if we all felt we knew Robin Williams personally. But that was his gift; he touched so many with his humour and his wonderful acting. A terrible loss we had no other way to share.


      1. Thank you for your kind words about my post. The death of Robin Williams was definitely a terrible loss for everyone–whether we knew him personally or not. I do live in Canada–right smack in the middle of it–Winnipeg, Manitoba!


  3. I do love summer in Rhode Island, but the place I have most loved to spend summer is far northwest in Quebec. Your photo essay has convinced me that I’d like Newfoundland summers even more.

    One of these summers, you might find me there! 🙂

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    1. Aw, thank you so much, Caitlin. I love that you loved it.
      However, immediately after posting I remembered a local news story about how folks leave behind their trash in some popular camping areas. Why do people litter? It escapes me how they can carelessly throw their garbage about in an “unspoiled” natural environment, spoiling it for others.


  4. Pingback: Summer Lovin'
      1. Just too hot. though this summer has be reasonably mild. I don’t care for the heat and humidity of summer. Much prefer Autumn and Winter 😉


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