January Blue

It’s a blue winter day on Perry’s Point.

It isn’t a sad and lonely day, but one painted with the hues of a brilliant blue sky and a blanket of sunshine, the kind of day where the sun and snow merge to design graceful shadows in the hollows of the landscape.

IMG_0056 (800x521)Sun on the newly fallen and drifted snow creates a tapestry of shadowy forms,
from the palest baby blue to the deepest of indigo.

IMG_0067The slanting afternoon rays of sunlight hold little heat,
but warm the heart of this nature-lover nonetheless.

IMG_0075 (800x519)The surface of the snow waves and crests,
while most of the bay lies still under a layer of slush and ice.

IMG_0076 (800x475)Dunes of scalloped white surround me…

IMG_0123 (800x541)…and the only hint of sound is the faint exhale of a frigid breeze.

IMG_0089 (800x533)Certain feathered creatures have already been here.

IMG_0114 (800x518)At the end of the Point I reach the icy blue coastline…

IMG_0096 (800x533)…where the water is still full of movement in spite of the sub-zero air.

IMG_0084 (800x402)Cold, but fluid…

IMG_0085 (800x383)…clear and beautiful.

IMG_0145 (800x623)Other shadows dapple a weather-worn barn…

IMG_0149 (800x428)…and sun-bleached fences.

IMG_0152 (800x533)Hidden in shade, a bird house waits for spring, and a new tenant…

IMG_0130 (800x522)…while our neighbour’s fishing boat awaits a new summer.

IMG_0163 (800x574)Ben Perry’s shed is called a “store” around these parts.

IMG_0159 (800x472)Still more shadows hide in furrows of snow and last summer’s grasses. I wade in.

IMG_0068 (800x533)My toes are like ice cubes inside my boots at this point. I hop over the fence to home.

IMG_0155 (800x571)Time to put the kettle on…

IMG_0183 (800x533)…and thaw myself out with a cup of tea.

IMG_0182 (800x533)And my world changes from blue to green.

How is your January going? What is the colour of your winter? 

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

55 thoughts on “January Blue

  1. You are most welcome to visit India and be my guest in Cochin, Jennifer… We have snow during winter in the states of Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh in north India; southern India, where I am, is having only mild winters, heavy monsoon rains during July to September and a blazing hot summer during April to June. I have seen some snow during my visit to Japan when I passed by Nagoya some years ago…..Raj.

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  2. What a fascinating melange of winter visuals, of landscape blanketed by snow under canopy of an azure sky with the mild sun creating patterns of light and shadow on snow dunes. your brilliant narrative describes it all. greetings of the season and warm hugs to you jennifer from tropical Cochin in southern India…Raj.

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    1. Thank you, Raj. Your descriptive words are beauteous as well. I suppose you haven’t seen much snow in your life (if ever?). I imagine in India it is lovely and hot where you are most of the time, which I wouldn’t mind more often! 🙂


  3. Your narrative is as stunning as your pictures, Jennifer! Beautiful, beautiful words. And I love the little bird house tucked away in the eve. I had to go back and look closer at the barn. How adorable is that!


  4. I love, love, love these pictures, Jennifer. The sky, the water, the ice, the snow, and even the old buildings are beautiful. And I’m struggling not to covet the colour blue. Yes our lawns are still green (moss & mold are overrated). But our skies are not blue–they’re gray. Pewter. Ashen. However, there’s a bright side to West Coast weather; I don’t have to scrape the car windows or shovel the walk (thought I should end on a thankful note).

    Did I tell you that I love your pictures? ❤

    Blessings & hugs from the West Coast ~ Wendy ❀


  5. Beautiful pics and words Jennifer 🙂 We live in Vancouver (BC) so no snow (except for the mountains) and I have to say I actually miss it. Snow has a way of cloaking the earth in silence and I love that.


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