Sunday Snap: Grates Cove

Grates Cove in Summer –

I love the horizon I captured in this photo for two reasons: its misty summer haze and the slight curvature that it exhibits.

This picturesque little fishing village is my mother’s hometown. My father’s maternal roots are here as well, so many of my relatives are from Grates Cove. Some live there, while others have summer homes.

A National Historic site recognized for its acres of rock walls, it has also been reported that Grates Cove has the highest number (per capita) of mainlanders buying houses to live, in all of Newfoundland.

To learn more and see photos of the rock walls, visit my blog post from 2013: Grates Cove
To see more photos from around the province, visit my dedicated page: Newfoundland and Labrador

Daily Prompt: Horizon

Do you have relatives living in tiny villages?

36 thoughts on “Sunday Snap: Grates Cove

  1. A gentle merging on the horizon with the cloud/haze providing a soft buffer. The hamlet looks idyllic, Jennifer with the most stunning views. Did you grow up here or did your mother move away? I am never quite sure what it would be like to live somewhere so small and remote?

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    1. No, my mom grew up there and moved to the capital city when she got married and had us. Spent plenty of vacations and weekends there though. Funny how it’s a different world just a few hours away. I’m transplanted in another rural area now where my husband was born, and we love it. Still have visits to town several times a year. 😊

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      1. The houses in Sweden are very remote, half a mile to the nearest neighbours, right in the middle of the forest! I love that peace and tranquillity and the still not too far away from the coast or towns. However I’m not sure what the cold winters dark icy winters would be like months on end.

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