RDP: Fringe

The wild grasses on Perry’s Point are freakishly tall this summer. Most of it is topped with a feathery fringe that dances in the sun and sways in the breeze. I can stare at it for hours!

Fitting too, seeing as I live on the fringe of an island on the fringe of North America. 😉

Ragtag Daily Prompt for Monday: Fringe

23 thoughts on “RDP: Fringe

  1. Oh, Jennifer, I feel the wind coming across the water and hear the rustle of the grass around my feet. You live in a beautiful place where the horizon goes on forever. I am glad that I was able to meet with you on that hill. Virtual is almost a good at being there. Hugs!

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    1. I was away for two weeks recently and I missed that ocean horizon like you wouldn’t believe! We are in our tenth year here now and have no regrets for making the move. Reading what you have written makes me realize you know exactly how I feel. 😊


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