Road Trip 2: Beautiful Bonavista

Last weekend, Paul and I took another work trip, this time to the town of Bonavista. Thankfully, it was a much shorter drive than the last one—3.5 hours to our destination, compared to nearly 8 hours to St. Barbe and Flower’s Cove on the Northern Peninsula‘s Viking Trail, and we only needed to stayed one night instead of two.

And Spring happened! The weather was much nicer on our trip to Discovery Trail, although there was still plenty of snow around. We arrived at our Airbnb accommodations early on Saturday so Paul could get a jump on his work at the school there. Check out the beach home where we stayed:

The house was exceptionally clean, warm, and charming. I loved its shiplap walls and beadboard ceilings. The ceilings were low, though. I’ve never felt so tall in my life!

The next morning while Paul worked, I took a stroll around the block to see some heritage saltbox and vacation homes. The day was crisp, cool and gorgeous, and it was hard not to take too many pics.

Of special note: a “Seaside Loafers” bench, a potential fixer-upper, a fence made of branches, a seawall, and a family of Labradors.
This was our second visit to Bonavista. I blogged about our fall trip here. If you liked what you saw above, you’ll love the photos in that post. Was it really eight years ago??

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” -Henry Miller

37 thoughts on “Road Trip 2: Beautiful Bonavista

  1. Hi Jennifer – I just love these houses. And what a nice place to stay. Those seal sculptures are really great. I also especially like your picture of the yellow house through the branches – very artistic and it looks like a great story prompt!


  2. A very enjoyable post about your weekend getaway, Jennifer, and I loved the photos! Some of the pictures, with their beautiful light and other attributes, reminded me of Edward Hopper paintings.

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    1. Thank you, Dave! I had to google Hopper as I wasn’t familiar with the name but I did recognize certain pieces of his art. And you’re right, I see a similarity too. He did some very appealing work, didn’t he?

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  3. Jennifer, an idyllic location and I’m enjoying tagging along on your trips! 😀 The airbnb looks so homily and the house rules are spot on! The seal statue is so sweet and one can never go wrong with shiplap indoors! As for the buildings, they give me goosebumps, in a good way! Reminding me of the wooden houses in Sweden which are painted – they look so cheerful and vibrant! Hope you have many more trips to look forward to … I’m enjoying this virtual travel!😀

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    1. Such a joyful comment! Thank you, Annika. I’m so happy you’re enjoying the virtual travel and that I reminded you of Sweden. Goosebumps! Aren’t the different colours wonderful and uplifting? Hubby might be flying to Labrador for his next trip but I won’t be accompanying him on that one, unfortunately. But summer is coming so I’m sure I’ll be traveling and snapping photos somewhere! Have a lovely week. xx

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  4. What a great road trip, Jennifer. I went on Google maps to find out the exact location and discovered Bonavista was where John Cabot (aka Giovanni Caboto) first set foot in North America in 1497. Thank you for the adventure.

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  5. Each house is cuter than the next, but that fence is the winner! So clever and cute. I’m not seeing any trees or gardens, though. Only reason I notice is we are surrounded by pine and oak trees–many of which came down during Hurricane Sally last September.

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