So Long, Summer

Although the calendar tells me it is now officially fall, I am enchanted by these last few days of beautiful temperate weather we are enjoying in Newfoundland. Paul and I even had a chance to lie in the sun and read yesterday evening. It was so gorgeous on our deck that we didn’t want to go inside for supper until the sun sank low on the horizon.

As much as I love the summer temperatures, it’s nearly time to say good-bye.
Happily, I have a nostalgic affection for fall and everything it brings.

Here are a couple of pics I snapped of ripening apples
on our recent trip to Springdale in Green Bay:


The view beyond the apple trees:


We stayed overnight in nearby King’s Point.
Here is the view from our room the next morning:


King’s Point Pottery

Before leaving, I made sure to visit the pottery and craft store to browse and to buy a few things:
012If you ever get the opportunity to visit the area, do stop in here. You won’t be sorry.

One of the perks of my husband’s job is joining him on these road trips.
We love any opportunity to visit the many corners of our island.

Two evenings ago, I had to run for my camera again.
The sunset on Perry’s Point was so stunning,
I think Maisie and Vivian were even spellbound:
107After the sun disappeared, the sky took on a strikingly different quality:
Another good-bye…
That same evening, I received a call from my sister.
My beloved aunt in the U.S. had passed away suddenly.

I am inclined to let imagination take hold,
to fancy that as she went to join my dad (her brother),
she painted that sky as a farewell to her loved ones here at home.

Rest easy, Aunt Irene. All is well.

29 thoughts on “So Long, Summer

    1. Thank you, Frederick. I’m not sure it is serenity exactly, more of a mournful and wistful acceptance. But I do find comfort in looking toward heaven because if there is one, she has surely found a place there.


  1. My sister took a sunset photo on the beach on the day my Dad left this world and we love the colours in the sky. Our memories of a vibrant man gone to rest. Your Aunties sky was beautiful and calm to look at Jennifer I am sorry to hear of your loss. Beautiful tribute to her.

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    1. I hope that sunset photo gave you and your sister some measure of peace, Kath. ❀
      My Aunt Irene was a spiritual soul who loved poetry and gourmet cooking and visiting museums, just to name a few, and I didn't expect to lose her so soon, even though she was 79. Thank you for your condolence. xo

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  2. Jennifer, King’s Point Pottery looks as charming as can be. And the sunsets you have over there are stunning. Yes, autumn has fallen upon our land and dabbled its paint already—I won’t be missing the drought nor the heat we had, but I’ll miss the sunshine when the fog rolls in. Sorry for the loss of your aunt. Hugs.
    Blessings on your weekend ~ Wendy

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  3. I’m so sorry about your aunt. It’s pretty impossible to replace relationships like that. Our personal light dims a bit.

    Beautiful pictures. Here in CA, it’s stiflyingly hot. All week they predict. We’ll see. Makes Fall sound enticing.

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  4. Some stunning views, and place descriptions, Jennifer. Sunrise and sunsets are just a few dimensions of nature almost infinite in the variety of its manifestation as to retain its endless novelty. It is the same here given the riot of colours in the evening sky, appearing like a parting gift of a departed soul. May your aunt’s soul rest in peace…

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