“Took Brain to the Beach”

One summer day, when my son Brian was just a little boy, his Aunt Sherry came to babysit him.

When I got home from work, I found a note stuck to the fridge. It read: “Took Brain to the beach. Sherry.” We all had a great laugh over the funny spelling. (Yes, my boy is smart, but that’s beside the point.)

Fast forward to the present. Last week, he had some time off, so he came to visit for a couple of days. The weather was perfect and off we went. We took Brain Brian to Lumsden North beach for some practice on his golf swing.

This is one of his favourite pastimes when he visits. I’ve blogged about beach golf here before, when they used the beach right next to our house as a driving range and the sandbar as a target. Check out the photos here.

The next morning was even warmer and more beautiful, so for a change, we headed out to the beach at Cape Freels.

Momma got bored watching, so she went for a walk.

Too bad she didn’t bring her own brain to the beach. She forgot to turn her iPhone the proper way for the following video! Oh well, if you watch it on your phone, it’s fine. And black bars or not, it’s still pretty, and the sounds of the wind and waves will help you feel the warm sun and the gentle sea breeze on your face.

Happy Friday, everyone!
Will you be going to the beach this weekend?

36 thoughts on ““Took Brain to the Beach”

  1. Jennifer I went to the beach, a winter beach with no one but us on it. But looking forward to the sun being a little warmer. The golf looks like heaps of fun and I adore family traditions. Ours would be looking for treasure on the beach I have done this with family and my mum ever since I was a little girl (shells, rocks etc). We looked for sea glass with the kids this time. We love the glass that gets shaped by the ocean.

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    1. Sea glass and driftwood are big here. Such fun to spend an hour with the grandkids combing the sandy beaches for these. ๐Ÿ˜Š You must be longing for the warmer weather by now, Kath. And I’m wishing that time would slow down!

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  2. The green before our house is used to for a similar purpose, with one slight drawback. As we all know, inexperienced golfers are the luckiest, so if an enthusiastic first-timer manages a sweet, clean connect his ball will end up in the garden/window/living room of the bungalow att he end.

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  3. I love the idea of beach golf and wow, lots of empty space! It looks glorious and the video gives us a real feel for the place – I could do with a paddle now! Wishing you a lovely weekend, Jennifer!

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  4. Let’s change that title to “Took JILL to the Beach.” Please! I love to play golf, but I never thought about playing on the beach. That looks like such fun. Of course, I end up in the sand traps quite a bit, so it’s kind of the same. Great photos, Jennifer!

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