Vivian’s View From Here: Kilmory Getaway

024 (1280x856) Welcome back, my peeps and pets, to Vivian’s View From Here.
Today we take a page from my Summer Travel Diary.

074 (1280x837)Our “staff” took a break from St. John’s this past week
to spend three nights at Kilmory Resort near Swift Current.

034 (1280x867)It was beautiful and secluded there in our pine log chalet,
which, of course, was right up our alley.

026 (1280x852)Maisie and I especially loved the loft, because we like perching up high.
001 (1280x613)So peaceful, so cozy…
019 (1280x800)We weren’t particularly fond of the noise from the jacuzzi jets, however.
012 (1280x897)But we appreciated the bird’s-eye view of our beloved staff.
006 (1280x779)Here I am practising my “lumbersexual” poses. That’s a thing!
010 (1280x853)If you never heard of it, go google it! I’ll wait. 🙂
002 (1280x894)As nice and comfy as it was, after a while
we grew weary of having to staying indoors.

021 (797x1280)“Hey, I hear lots of birds and squirrels!”
Maisie meows. “Can you please let us out?”
085 (1280x954)After all, we’re used to going out all the time on Perry’s Point.
087 (1280x815)And look how beautiful and sunny it is out there!
086 (1280x819)Please???
147 (1280x908)Begging works! Our staff fashioned makeshift leashes,
so we could explore outdoors for a bit.



Thanks for dropping by, everyone!
~ head bumps & nose kisses,
041-800x415 (1)

Kilmory Resort

28 thoughts on “Vivian’s View From Here: Kilmory Getaway

  1. What a beautiful place!! Peachy is green with Envy. Peachy is our orange Tabby. lol I really luv the pics behind the glass. exquisite. No worries about the sounds coming from the Jacuzzi. It’s been my experience that cats are never fond of water so it was never going to be the cherry on the Sunday. With the views you took in and the plush resort there was most definitely enough to make up for the other. Nice post, beautiful pics, sharing this now.


  2. I can see how you could get distracted from your writing to go kayaking on that beautiful lake. It looks so tranquil.
    I hope that you got done, what you wanted to get done and you have come back rejuventaed.


    1. The surroundings for kayaking were heavenly, Elizabeth. We loved it! As for the writing, I’ve set a deadline for Tuesday at 5, before we depart for another out of town trip. So with any luck at all, I’ll have it covered.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Vivian–it’s Kitty! This is so cool–me being on my mom’s computer, I mean. Teemu and Parker LOVE being in the spotlight all the time but not me. I’ll take writing my own material, thank you very much. Your vacation spot looks great. I’ve never been outside but it looks beautiful out there. Thanks for the tip on ‘lumbersexual.’ Who know ‘metrosexual’ was so passé? Hello to Maisie for me!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi there, Kitty. How wonderful to connect with another computer-literate feline! I like the spotlight as well as writing behind the scenes, as you can see. It was nice “getting our lumberjack on”, so to speak, but we’re back in the city now. Thanks for chatting! 🙂 – Viv

      Liked by 1 person

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