Luminous: radiating or reflecting light; shining, bright.

Overlooking Barbour Tickle on a brilliant autumn day


Winter sunset on Perry’s Point


The shores off the Point bathed in milky sunlight

Direct observation of the luminous essence of nature is for me indispensable. – Robert Delaunay

Be luminous. Don’t adapt yourself to the circumstances around you but change them to be better. Always take your sunshine wherever you go. – Islam Elnady

I believe there is luminosity hiding in the shadow of the mundane. And things that hover on the periphery of our vision. If that’s magic, then I believe in it. – Natasha Mostert

Photo Challenge: Luminous

Three Day Quote Challenge

29 thoughts on “Luminous

    1. Lea, that scene right here in my hometown has captured the imaginations of photogs and artists, tourists and locals alike. Since I’ve moved here I’ve seen artists with their easels set up on the bridge, and countless photographers attempting to do it justice, including myself. 😊

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