Sunshine, Surf and Sand

Is there anything that captures the carefree magic of summer more than spending warm days playing at the beach? When the kids came to visit this week, they happily took advantage of the many delights the seaside has to offer. 115 142 143


Our little girl made a new friend :)
Our little girl makes a new friend πŸ™‚

Building sand castles, catching hermit crabs in their little shells – and releasing them again – jumping over frothy waves and off of sand dunes, letting their dog run free, all this and more made for a memorable summer holiday.


Nico loved his newfound freedom
Nico loves his newfound freedom
One, two, three, go!
One, two, three, go!
My beautiful girl
My beautiful girl

Nico probably had the best vacation a dog ever had. The freedom to explore the coastline, running after beach birds that couldn’t be caught, he was a joy to watch as he galloped across the sand in wide circles around us.

Playing fetch!
Playing fetch!

Our little girl played with her new friend from Ontario every chance she got, as if they had always known each other. When the time came to say goodbye, she cried, but they exchanged addresses and made plans to become pen pals until they could see each other again. πŸ™‚

The day they left, our little boy said he wished he lived here because he didn’t have a “backyard beach” at home.

Come back for more fun any time you want, precious boy.
Come back for more fun any time you want, precious children.

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26 thoughts on “Sunshine, Surf and Sand

      1. We are down the far south coast of Australia so yes we get frosts and down to minus, but not as cold as you where you have snow, close but not quite. Warming up now I don’t have a fire on tonight.


  1. I have loved water my whole life. This post brought back childhood memories of our family vacations to New Brunswick! What a beautiful family and what beautiful memories created. ❀


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