Vivian’s View From Here: On the Prowl

Hello, y’all! Vivian K. Perry here,
back on Jennifer’s Journal today to tell you how much I love this post.

No, no, no, not this blog post (shakes furry head).
This fence post!005

Now that summer is here,
I take time out of every one of my days to prowl around Perry’s Point.


This is my favourite perch – a bird’s-eye view, if you will –
where I can keep a sharp lookout for little creatures in the grass like voles and shrews.


Now that sister Maisie and I will soon be turning nine,
we’ve finally come to terms with our limitations
and admit the birds around here are too smart and swift for us to actually hunt.


 Jennifer says that’s a good thing, but we disagree.


I’ve been known to sit and wait here patiently for hours. I kid you not.
Hmm. Unfortunately, not much stirring here this afternoon.


I’ll check back again after sunset.


In the meantime, I think I’ll run out to the end of the point…


…to check on the mink burrows!
Chat soon!


Do you have a cat like me that likes to prowl?

What do you do with your summer days?

28 thoughts on “Vivian’s View From Here: On the Prowl

  1. Jennifer gorgeous summer by the looks. I have tried putting bells on my cats because they all love to prowl. Catching mice Im happy, catching birds devastates me. A friend said put another bell on their collars and so thats my next step. Get ready for spring.

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  2. No, no cat here, I’m afraid, so I have to sit on the post myself (not really, it’s a garden seat with a table big enough for a laptop). I rather wish I had a cat – instead I have a rapacious dog that is the scourge of cats. So much less exhausting!

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  3. I had to do a double take at Vivian’s back legs on the post–how cute is that!? The action shot at the end is adorable. Such little sweethearts they are (even though Maisie is not on the post).

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