Bonavista Bay Polar Bear!

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“Be careful what you wish for, Jennifer…”

I have always adored animals, and was enjoying getting closer to nature since my husband and I moved back to rural Newfoundland, but THIS IS A LITTLE TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT.

Yes, the big visitor showed up in our little town just yesterday, one of four recent reports of polar bears being on the island of Newfoundland so far this spring (read further and view actual pictures from yesterday from the linked article below).  The Ursus Maritimus doesn’t often make its way this far south.  It is when it is hungrily hunting seals, which are found on icepans this time of year, that it may end up in some of our backyards.  Yikes!!

“Don’t worry,”  says my husband.  “Nobody has ever been attacked by a polar bear in Newtown before.”

Gee, thanks, Honey.  I don’t know why I was worrying.  We are, after all, only talking about the LARGEST LIVING LAND PREDATOR IN THE WORLD.

Silly RCMP, too, for warning us to be on the lookout.  Oh well, as the old joke goes, I won’t have to outrun the bear, I’ll just have to outrun the husband…

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