Sunday Snaps: Buoys of Summer

In a fishing village like Newtown, you will often see brightly-painted buoys adorning fences, rails and walls, particularly in summer.

While buoys of all types are still used for fishing. . .

. . . many are adapted solely for decoration.

As fall approaches, most of the buoys will be put away until next summer, but some embellish the landscape all year round.

buoysWhen creating the title for this post, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the Don Henley song, The Boys of Summer.

“I can tell you my love for you will still be strong
after the boys of summer have gone.”

Of course, if you are from anywhere besides the U.S., my play on words makes sense.
All other English-speaking countries pronounce buoy like “boy”, whereas most Americans pronounce it “boo-ee”. I wonder why.

And if that’s the case, how do Americans pronounce “buoyant” and “buoyancy”?

How do you pronounce buoy?
Do tell!

(And can you tell I’m not
ready for summer to end?)

32 thoughts on “Sunday Snaps: Buoys of Summer

  1. I love these colorful buoys (boo-eees here in the U.S.), Jennifer. I can see why they also make great decorations. By the way, we pronouce buyonacy and buoyant with a “boy” sound. Happy fall – bring out the hoodies and blankets!

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    1. Thanks for chiming in, Barbara. I remember years ago when I heard your pronunciation of the word for the first time, and wondering what it meant! 😀
      As much as I love summer, I do love fall as well. For the next week or so, though, our temps are higher because of tropical air masses being pushed up by a hurricane. After that? Yes–bring on the comfy hoodies and cuddly throws. 🙂

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    1. I am a huge proponent of practicing gratitude, Rebecca. And at times, it’s effortless to celebrate the world around me (as long as, these days especially, I don’t look too far beyond my own backyard). Thank YOU for your lovely comment. xx

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  2. Pretty pictures! I was taught to pronounce it boo-ey. Just like I was taught by my southern parents to say sal-mon for salmon. I dropped the L as an adult but haven’t switched from boo-ey. Still, your play on words hit home for me. My son, the musician, played “Boys of Summer” on the drums when he was a kid. We heard it over and over and over and over. We woke up to 59 degrees this morning in Atlanta. I’m glad fall is here. I really want election day in the US to arrive as quickly as possible.

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      1. At first he only played drums with it for his drum recital. Later he sang it as well. Good song. And I agree with you about our election. My son, the musician, is making calls trying to get out the vote for the DNC. Fingers crossed!

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  3. Those are beautiful. Lovely decorations and much more meaningful with the background. In a way, it reminds me of the wooden mallard ducks that hunters keep around (and I have on my living room table–no, I’m not a hunter!).

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