Lots of Winter Ahead Yet, But…

โ€ฆ the days are noticeably getting longer. And in six weeks, we spring forward as Daylight Savings Time kicks in!
Newtown in Winter 2020It isn’t just me who looks forward to spring around here. Practically every day, Vivian and Maisie go outside to check things out. They don’t stay out long, only long enough to confirm that winter with all its snow and iciness is still firmly in place.

One of the loveliest features of the longer days?
The sunsets, just as pretty in winter as in summer.

No two are ever exactly the same.

As gorgeous as they are, you’ll still find us hanging out mostly indoors for a few weeks yet.

Hanging out with my muse – or is it mews?

How about you?
Do you embrace winter,
or are you counting the days until summer like me?

“You are my fantasy on a cold dark night, my muse during the light of day and the one wish my soul would make.” ~ Grace Willows

24 thoughts on “Lots of Winter Ahead Yet, But…

  1. Jennifer, I can feel the icy temperatures from the blue light of the snow photos – what spectacular views but I don’t blame your furry friends for only making brief trips outside! After the New Year celebrations, I’m always longing for Spring … the bulbs gradually coming up here and some flowers even blooming. Hooray! ๐Ÿ˜€


    1. Annika, thanks for dropping in with your lovely comment. Newfoundland is usually far behind most of Canada, and your part of the world, when it comes to spring’s arrival. I envy you! Ah well. All the sweeter when it finally makes its appearance. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Is it only 6 weeks until Daylight Savings Time kicks in! Zoom zoom! I love your sunsets. We are in our rainy season on our side of Canada. But I can feel that spring is around the corner. By mid March we should see the crocuses!

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  3. These pictures are so nice, Jennifer. We have had crazy weather this year – bitter cold, then 60 degrees, but it never looks as lovely as your part of the world. Last Saturday we had driving rain and I was traveling to NJ in it – I was so happy to see the sun come out yesterday!

    Your cats continue to make me smile. They are so in charge!

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      1. Yes, I’ve noticed evidence of climate change. Winters have been milder here, summers longer, though not necessarily hotter. One dramatic change is that flowering bushes bloom earlier in the spring and then bloom again during the summer, and sometimes even in the fall. That never used to happen.

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