When I step outside, the midday air is frigid and preternaturally still.

I don’t need a forecast to know a windstorm is brewing.


The weak December sun shines through a thin milky veil,

giving zero warmth to my upturned face.


Billowing white wisps of cloud skirt the horizon.

Their gentle symmetry belies what is to come.


I see my breath float in the cold tranquility

as I stand on my frost-covered deck,

scarcely believing it will be +5C by morning.


Nothing moves.

Nothing makes a sound.

Peaceful, but…


…an eerie sense of what is impending looms,

a premonition of the gathering gale

far out at sea..


…and with it, the inevitability

of this quiet calm 

vanishing by nightfall.


*Travel Theme: “Still”

35 thoughts on “Still

  1. I did get a sense of quiet, but that would be inside your heart because I’m sure the sound there beside the Atlantic Ocean would be VAST & HUGE! Looking forward to more from you Jennifer.


    1. Hi, Susan. Thanks for your comment! Yes, usually the ocean here is making plenty of lovely noise, but on the day I took these pics the bay was full of immobile ice. Perhaps I should have mentioned that in the post because it may be hard to see it is ice out there and not waves. πŸ™‚


    1. Quite the contrast. It’s colder than usual too, normally it wouldn’t be this cold until late January into February. And we had snow that stayed earlier. I’ll probably have a heart attack when the heat bill arrives. :/


  2. You are gifted with the beauty of words and the eye to know when and what to photograph. Just lovely. I do think I would love to live in that area if even for one winter. xo


  3. Wow Jennifer I love your words matching those amazing photo’s what a paradise you live in, I hope you weathered the storm. More please, I think winter has so much more to offer…. photography wise. We don’t get snow I wish we did.


    1. The storm is raging out there now. Not fit for man nor beast. Kath, I wonder if you would actually like this weather, because there is so much more to consider besides photography. Want to switch houses for a couple of months to find out? πŸ˜€


      1. I can imagine you would have days where you think the summer months here sound wonderful, yet we have to brace ourselves for bush fire weather now. I would love to swap houses Jennifer, if I owned one lol. We live and work on the dairy farm….I can dream though can’t I? Do you love or hate the winter months?


        1. Jennifer I just showed my husband your photo’s and he said he would love to live there, he loves the winter months better than summer, as on the dairy farm the heat is nasty and tomorrow is hitting high temps, we can look at your photo’s and sigh……


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