Sunday Snaps: Monument in Bronze

In July, I took these photos of a new bronze memorial erected last year in Victoria Park, St. John’s. I’m sharing them in honour of Remembrance Day tomorrow.

Inspired by the memory of his own grandfather, artist Morgan MacDonald named it One Hundred Portraits of the Great War. 

“Cast from the faces of 100 descendants of Newfoundland Regiment soldiers who fought in the First World War, the installation is a kind of “living memory” featuring the families who have carried pain, loss, and pride throughout the last century. After casting each volunteer, MacDonald arranged the bronze effigies, then welded the casts to an oval frame reminiscent of antique war portraits.” – CBC News, NL

Volunteers had to stay still and breathe through straws while the casting hardened.

MacDonald said, “I think it’s incredibly special to have a placeholder and a location, so the families can come and reflect on that memory.”

Evocative? I believe so, particularly when viewed in person. Haunting? Definitely.
So is war.

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27 thoughts on “Sunday Snaps: Monument in Bronze

  1. I love Morgan MacDonald! I discovered him when I visited St. John’s this past spring. And serendipity, I chose his sculpture “The Homecoming” to commemorate Remembrance Day. A beautiful post. Profound and poignant.

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  2. So meaningful that they’re real faces of WWI veterans’ children or grandchildren. I did some research on WWI for my new novel. A horrendously tragic loss of so many lives.

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    1. And these were only one hundred of the descendants that lost loved ones to that war. The actual loss of lives was staggering.
      Your new book sounds great, Connie. We learn so much when we do research for our writing, don’t we?


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