Summer Evening

Close of hot June day—
soft sea breeze, high crescent moon,
cool waves kiss the shore.

We’ve enjoyed a bit of a heat wave this past week, an unusually early occurrence here in the easternmost province of Canada.

I call it a bonus because our summers are notoriously short, and after a long winter and spring, warm sun-filled days are more than welcome. I’m also grateful for the coastal breezes that keep things temperate.

This is my contribution to A Photo a Week Challenge: Dusk – nancy merrill photography

21 thoughts on “Summer Evening

  1. Gorgeous photo Jennifer. It sounds like a lovely day. Alas, I shall stay where I am as cold weather and I have never tolerated each other. I love Canada but my experiences there were all in the summer. Born on the edge of the Mojave Desert, anything below 80 Fahrenheit is cold for me, While it does get cooler than that on the Mediterranean in the winter, the people more than makeup for it warming the heart.


    1. Thanks, Lea. I guess it’s about whatever you’re used to. As much as I love summer, too much heat makes me tired and sick, so in your place I would be longing for the cool Mediterranean winter. To each his own. Have a great weekend! 🙂


  2. I just love the close of the day when I’m near water. It’s so calming, as if to say everything has been wrapped up so it’s time to rest easy. Love your haiku, too 🙂 It’s been very hot here although last week we had a couple days when we were able to turn off the A/C and open windows. Not so now! Hope you are doing well, Jennifer 🧡💙💚

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  3. Ahhh … pure bliss, Jennifer! 😀 How wonderful to enjoy the sea breeze through your days of the heatwave – as the beaches here are far too crowded at the moment I’ll enjoy yours instead! Have a wonderful summer, even if it is a bit too short! hugs xx

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    1. Ooh, not a fan of crowded beaches at all. Especially now. The fog is slowly lifting here at the moment with the promise of more sunshine this afternoon. I wish I could freeze time and keep summer here until December. You have a wonderful summer too, Annika. Thanks! xx

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