Heritage Fishing Village


Come along with me as I revisit my community’s Living Heritage Village. It is a major tourist attraction in this part of our province, providing a historical look back at the old days for our visitors, and seasonal employment for some of our locals.

Templeman House, a registered heritage home
Templeman plaque
Benjamin Barbour House

The heritage homes also boast a treasure trove of antiques and other artifacts.

I just love this door
Fishing Stage
Fishing Supply Building
Alphaeus Barbour House

Old Shoppe restaurant
St. Luke’s Anglican Church is also a living heritage site
The church received the Southcott Award, for preservation of Newfoundland and Labrador’s architectural heritage.

During the summer, the Village provides guided tours by staff in period costumes, as well as dinner theatre and concerts in the buildings I have shown here. Also featured are a craft shop, art gallery, tea room, and a restaurant.

So if you are ever in my area, do drop in and check it out. For more info, visit the website: www.barbour-site.com

11 thoughts on “Heritage Fishing Village

  1. Hi Jennifer! Beautiful shots of my old family home! My Dad was born in the Benjamin Barbour home and we spent a month each Summer growing up in that marvelous house! 32 rooms, no heat, no light, no running water. Often while having dinner in the kitchen, we would get a knock on the door. My Aunt Elsie would go see who it was. More times than not, it was a group of tourists from California, or England traveling in the area that heard about the house. Aunt Elsie would then take them on a tour of the place, telling them the history behind every nook and cranny….and the story behind the reason why the two women of the house initially didn’t get along. The fact they got along by the time the house was finished was the reason the partition never went up! Then, before leaving, Aunt Elsie would have tea and cookies for them and expect a good yarn in return! I never had the heart to tell her that they charge good money for that kind of service elsewhere! lol
    Marilyn (Barbour) MacDonald


    1. Thank you so much, Marilyn, and nice to meet you! I am delighted to read about your memories in the beautiful Barbour home. So very interesting to learn little tidbits like this from the past. Those visitors from all over must have been fascinated by the history your aunt Elsie provided – and free to boot! I will continue to blog about the area as well as other parts of Newfoundland, so if you would like to click the follow button and have my posts delivered to your inbox, that would be appreciated. Thanks again for taking the time to comment and connect! 🙂


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