My “Backyard” – Part 1

“If one really loves nature, one can find beauty everywhere.”
~ Vincent van Gogh

There is something about this time of year, before the advent of autumn, that I love about life on Perry’s Point.

Unconventional to say the least, my backyard here in Newfoundland has no fences, save for one side shared with our neighbour.

One day last week I got out early with my camera, hoping to capture the soft morning light.

The grass is still glistening with dew.
The grass still glistens with dew.
It's shaping up to be a splendid September day.
It’s shaping up to be another splendid September day.
View from the back door.
View of the islands from the back door
Neighbour Ben’s boat
Vivian is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.
Vivian joins me, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.


Maisie is looking for a belly rub.
Maisie begs shamelessly for a belly rub.
The outermost point of land on Perry's Point
View from our deck of the outermost point of land on Perry’s Point
Walking toward the brink
Walking toward the brink. Around here they call it a “beel”, which I believe to be a slang version of “bill”, or small peninsula.
This morning the bay is calm and serene.



The inukshuk my husband made this summer
The Inukshuk my husband made this summer
The "Rock Cove", where rainwater collects
The “Rock Cove”, where rainwater collects
An ideal source of drinking water for our feathered friends. We've seen a few indulge in birdbaths here too.
It’s an ideal source of fresh drinking water for our feathered friends. We’ve seen a few indulge in bird baths here too.
The patridgeberries are ripening, on schedule for picking next month.
The partridgeberries are ripening, on schedule for picking next month.
I don't know what kind these are. Do you?
I don’t know what kind these are. Do you?


Neighbour Ben's buoys and bobbers
Neighbour Ben’s fishing buoys and bobbers


“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”
~ Albert Einstein

Join me next Monday for:  My “Backyard”- Part 2: The Beach

31 thoughts on “My “Backyard” – Part 1

  1. Jennifer your photo’s are rich in colour and the peacefulness is a rare thing, to sit on the rocks near your house and drink it all in. Thanks for the postcards, simply divine nature, you are blessed.


      1. Jennifer these days printing out postcards is simple and cost effective. Vista print just did some awesome postcards of my cows. You could pick one to match your book and advertise it when you publish by handing out a postcard with all your details. I just printed out a big sale banner for a market stall too. I might see if they do bookmarks as well.


  2. Oh, goodness! So many impressions here, all delightful. You have a cat named Vivian? Sorry, Maisie, but Vivian is quite the great name in my book. Photos of the bay, the islands, the rocky coves….all just fabulous. Now, Jennifer, what does one do with partridge berries? Are they like cranberries in a way? What a glorious spot of the world you inhabit.


    1. Thank you! I will tell Vivian you like her name. 😉
      Partridgeberries are similar to cranberries, and make a delicious jam. We use the jam as a spread and in pies. Another name for them in other countries is lingonberries.


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