My “Backyard” – Pt. 2: The Beach

As the last tranquil days of summer disappear, I am drawn to the warmth of the sandy beaches that encircle Perry’s Point.

For a few moments, I can almost forget colder days are approaching…


This stretch of sand is begging for bare feet.

“To see a world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wild flower,
         hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour.”
~ William Blake





It’s good to see that the beach birds are still around.
The sandpipers and plovers seem to be in no hurry to wing their way south for the winter.

Among the strands and clumps of kelp, there must be lots of yummy tidbits for them to eat.
Notice how some like to stand on one leg.
The different species get along fairly well, sharing nature’s bounty.
Due to global warming, many species of birds in North America are dwindling in numbers, and the numbers on protected and endangered lists are increasing.
I hope you never face extinction, my precious feathered friends.
This one appears to have something to say about it all.
I love their plump little bodies…
…and their long beaks!


Vivian doesn’t go down to the beach unless she has company…
…Good thing for the beach birds!


“The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man.” ~ Charles Darwin

Thank you for stopping by to enjoy the beach with me, and Summer’s last hurrah. 🙂

Has Fall arrived where you live?

37 thoughts on “My “Backyard” – Pt. 2: The Beach

  1. While you were writing this, I was freezing my buttons off in Lake Superior. Coastal waters are so tempting. Did you/do you swim? Or do you just join Vivian to sunbathe on the sand? What a beautiful place you live in.


  2. I would love to have a backyard like yours. It’s so beautiful out there and the photographs are amazing. And of course, I love the pictures of Vivian! 😉

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  3. Beautiful pictures. It looks so peaceful there at the waters edge. I sure wouldn’t mind being there right now. Fall is coming and going around here. 50s one day, 80s the next. The leaves are starting to fall though, making a nice carpet on the ground and across the walkways.


  4. Jennifer the colours are amazing, I really hope you make some postcards. The ones with Viv the cat are divine. I hope the sun stays a little while for you. We have blossoms busting out all over but I still need a fire at night.


  5. Jennifer, what a treat to see your lovely neighborhood. I’m going to go back and enjoy your pictures again–so beautiful. It’s been summery here. But I know it won’t be long before the first fall storm arrives. I’m enjoying the sun while I can.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀


    1. Wendy, I’m glad you enjoyed my photos. Inexpensive cameras are able to capture some terrific scenery, as we both know!

      I’m heading out for a walk shortly because it is quite warm here today; love when summer takes its time departing.
      Jennifer xo


  6. Oh, Vivian–she is posed like the Queen of the Beach. So cute! Your backyard is beautiful, Jennifer. 17 degrees?! What is RDF? We are still in the 90’s here in FL, but going down to the 60’s this week! 🙂

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    1. My dear, Vivian thinks she’s the Queen of Everything. 😀
      I agree, she is pretty darn cute and a perfect companion because she follows us like a dog would.

      17 degrees celsius, which is about 65 for you…not bad for this time of year here. As for RDF, it’s what we Newfoundlanders call Rain, Drizzle and Fog.

      Do you like Florida when it cools off a bit?


      1. Thanks for the clarification….totally did not think in terms of Celsius. FL when it cools off is wonderful! We had one intense heat wave here last month. That was more than enough heat for me! RDF–I like that. Thanks, Jennifer.

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  7. Hello, Jennifer! I absolutely love those generous hunks of granite all over your beach. I assume granite? And a glimpse of Vivian is not to be ignored either! Still warm here in Virginia with cooler mornings and evenings giving a hint of what’s to come.


    1. Welcome back! Yes, this whole point of land is covered in granite. Funny how different things stand out to people. 🙂 In fact our house is built on a slab as a foundation.

      I imagine the weather is still very nice in your neck of the woods.


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