Video: Out and About with Vivian

Hey, all!  Vivian K. Perry here, showing off in a short video on Perry’s Point yesterday.

Don’t be concerned about all my meows – I’m always that vocal when I’m having fun.

Near the end, see the panoramic view from the point, and my lightning-fast sprint back home!

45 thoughts on “Video: Out and About with Vivian

      1. Oh wow – we had wet snow all day yesterday – the day I had to pick up our college kids for spring break. We might get a foot next week – lots of hype for this part of the world, plus we had a really mild winter – go figure!

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  1. I love the view, you’re living in a very beautiful area! So funny to see how Vivian is trying to find a snow-free path… Mr. Bowie loves walking in the snow but I prefer to stay inside and have coffee!

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