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Calmer Girls was released in March of 2016. My debut Young Adult novel is a realistic coming-of-age tale set here on the island of Newfoundland in the summer of 1993.

Sixteen-year-old introvert Samantha Cross is falling in love for the first time. There’s only one problem: she’s falling for her older sister’s boyfriend, Ben Swift.

The gripping sequel to Calmer Girls, Calmer Secrets, was released in March 2017.
Check out the sequel Cover Reveal here and release announcement here.

Who Are the Calmer Girls?

It is the summer of 1993 in Newfoundland and Labrador and one year into the cod moratorium. Samantha, a sensitive sixteen-year-old devastated by recent losses, discovers first love and a possible escape from her despair when she meets magnetic Ben Swift. However, there are problems. He happens to be the new boyfriend of her biggest adversary and life-long irritation, her sexy sister, Veronica. Then she finds out the boy driving the vintage Thunderbird has some complex and mysterious issues of his own.

This realistic Young Adult novel allows an honest and introspective glimpse inside a teenage girl’s self-deprecating, sometimes humorous angst. Navigating the obstacles of individuality, sibling rivalry and parental divorce, Samantha ultimately learns poignant lessons about love, betrayal and sacrifice.
Calmer Secrets, a New Adult novel, picks up the story four years later. Samantha Cross is all grown up, busy with art school, and free of romantic entanglements. That’s how she prefers it, having renounced love ever since Ben Swift came between her and her sister Veronica four years ago, changing their lives forever. But when an old friend turned sexy bass player rocks Samantha into a wild infatuation, she rethinks her abstinence. 
While feeling out this intense relationship, Ben barges back into their world with devastating news, sending both sisters into a tailspin. In an explosive climax, Veronica reveals long-buried secrets of her own, secrets that could impact all their futures and any hope of reconciliation between the Cross women—a.k.a. the Calmer Girls.

A Sampling of Reviews:

Five Stars… “A realistic YA novel, Calmer Girls was quite refreshing, and… exciting. The story follows Samantha, who is living through the summer before her sophomore year in high school. She has been forced to leave her beloved childhood home with her mother Darlene and her sister Veronica. To make things worse, her father has separated from her mother, and… Samantha also has to deal with traumatic memories of her grandmother’s deterioration after her Alzheimer’s diagnosis… Part of what was so interesting about this book was the setting: the early 1990’s, a time period that left room for a lot of interesting musical and fashion references that helped visualize it vibrantly. It was also set in Newfoundland, and the author did an excellent job painting a picture in my mind of the scenery and landscapes.
All of the characters in Calmer Girls were sympathetic, and I became quite invested in their stories as they intertwined… it has everything that is needed in the genre. A sequel novel is forthcoming, and I cannot wait to read what happens next in these characters’ lives!” – Sarah Morris, Reviewer for Amazon, Goodreads, and Barnes & Noble



4 out of 4 stars… “The author did an incredible job of writing a detailed story that didn’t conform to the clichés of so many other young adult romance books… Calmer Girls was an amazing book that I definitely recommend.” –OnlineBookClub.org


Four Stars… “First love and family turmoil in a meaningful YA story… Check out this smart and edgy YA read!” –Barbara Vitelli ‏@BookClubMom


Five Stars… “Solidly Rooted in Time and Place”
J. Gill, Amazon.ca – 
“This book really grabbed me. If you have experienced or are experiencing adolescence or have any Newfoundland blood in you, you will feel at home with this book. The description of the plot provided by Amazon only hints at all of the twists and turns of the story… Samantha and Veronica have an uneasy relationship, then Ben enters and sparks and consequences fly.  The book provides vivid descriptions and is solidly rooted in time and place. The story moves along smartly and you are always curious about what will happen next.”


Five Stars… “A Wonderful Story set in Newfoundland”
Amazon Customer, Amazon.ca – “… Jennifer Kelland Perry’s descriptive writing gave such a visual of the St. John’s neighbourhood in which the sisters live. Many teens and young adults would easily relate to the thoughts, experiences and family struggles of these “Calmer Girls” and will have trouble putting this book down!”


Five Stars… “A Well-Told Story of Teenage Angst”
Carrie Rubin, Author – Amazon.com – “… It was easy to relate to these well-drafted characters and the difficulties their lives posed. From parental divorce and a move to two teen sisters falling for the same boy. Lots of drama with real-life consequences make this an important read for teens of a similar age. But with its rich description and ability to take the reader back to his or her own youth, adults will enjoy it too. I also loved the setting of Newfoundland, Canada. Took me to a place I haven’t read much about before.”


Five Stars… “Life is Never as It Seems”
Kath Unsworth – Amazon Australia – 
“From the first pages I related to Samantha, the shy teen in a new town. The soured relationship with her confident and brash big sister. The crush on her sister’s good-looking boyfriend. Throw in a broken mother at the helm of this dysfunctional family. Samantha’s wild decisions all seem to make sense, in a melancholy way… It’s a story about young love and the choices we make under difficult life circumstances. Perry has woven a well-rounded, yet believable tale, with strong characters and a wanting to see this girl find her happiness. The story leaves you curious to know how they deal after such tragic events… What will Samantha and her sister Veronica do next to bring some normal back into their lives? Is their relationship destined to disintegrate further after everything that occurs? I will be eagerly waiting to see what she does next.”


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