Jennifer Kelland Perry is a writer, devoted reader and animal lover. Born in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, she left the city in 2010 for the rural writing life and is loving every moment.

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Calmer Girls, Jennifer’s debut YA novel, is a realistic coming of age tale set on the island of Newfoundland in the summer of 1993.

Sixteen-year-old introvert Samantha Cross is falling in love for the first time. There’s only one problem: she’s falling for her older sister’s boyfriend, Ben Swift.

The gripping sequel to Calmer Girls, Calmer Secrets, was released in March 2017. Both books are FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

Who Are the Calmer Girls?

It’s the summer of 1993 in Newfoundland and Labrador and one year into the cod moratorium. Samantha, a sensitive sixteen-year-old devastated by recent losses, discovers first love and a possible escape from her despair when she meets magnetic Ben Swift.

However, there are problems. He happens to be the new boyfriend of her biggest adversary and life-long irritation, her vivacious sister, Veronica. Then she finds out the boy driving the vintage Thunderbird has some complex and mysterious issues of his own.

This realistic Young Adult novel allows an honest and introspective glimpse inside a teenage girl’s self-deprecating, sometimes humorous angst. Navigating the obstacles of individuality, sibling rivalry and parental divorce, Samantha ultimately learns poignant lessons about love, betrayal and sacrifice.


Calmer Secrets, a New Adult novel, picks up the story four years later. Samantha Cross is all grown up, busy with art school, and free of romantic entanglements. That’s how she prefers it, having renounced love ever since Ben Swift came between her and her sister Veronica four years ago, changing their lives forever. But when an old friend turned sexy bass player rocks Samantha into a wild infatuation, she rethinks her abstinence. 

While feeling out this intense relationship, Ben barges back into their world with devastating news, sending both sisters into a tailspin. In an explosive climax, Veronica reveals long-buried secrets of her own, secrets that could impact all their futures and any hope of reconciliation between the Cross women—a.k.a. the Calmer Girls.

Jennifer lives by the sea in Newtown, Newfoundland with her husband Paul and their two spoiled cats. She is currently working on her third novel.

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    1. Hi Annette, I just revisited your blog to see exactly where in the world you are. I have few regrets for making this move away from city life, and I have discovered many reasons why it was a good and sound decision for both my husband and myself. Thanks so much for checking out my blog too! Yours is beautiful. Cheers! 😊


        1. I noticed how your Amazon doesn’t sell the paperback. I wonder why. If I can find out where you might get it I’ll let you know. My publisher is changing over to Ingram distribution so I can finally get it from Canadian book stores now.

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  1. This looks very interesting and also looks captivating. Is the book out yet? Wishing you best of luck for future success!!

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