Playing Tourist in my own Hometown

Ahhh…Home Sweet Home!

After two busy weeks in our fair capital city of St. John’s, my husband and I are once again happy to be back in our house on the Point. Make no mistake, though, I always enjoy our extended summer jaunt revisiting my birthplace, even though husband has to bring some work with him. Time spent with the kids and grandkids is always a great thing, as were the walks around Mundy Pond and Quidi Vidi Lake, not to mention the dining out, the shopping, and celebrating husband’s birthday. We even managed to take a couple of side trips to Grates Cove and Portugal Cove while we were there.

the drive up the Hill
Cabot Tower








My trip would not have been complete, however, if I had not taken a spin up to Signal Hill.

Is it any wonder one of my favourite spots has a spectacular view of the ocean? I know, I know. I live by the sea. You’d think I would have had my fill of huge bodies of water by now. But no, when the yearning for the sea beckons, I must respond.

sunny and warm on Saturday
sunny and warm on Saturday
partial view of the walking trail
partial view of the walking trail


husband enjoying the view
husband enjoying the scenery


Fort Amherst
boat entering the Narrows
view of Cape Spear in the distance
Deadman's Pond - urban legend would have you believe it is bottomless
Deadman’s Pond – urban legend would have you believe it is bottomless
cannons guarding St. John's Harbour
cannons guarding the Harbour Narrows
the warmest visit I can ever remember on Signal Hill
the warmest visit I can ever remember on Signal Hill

I expect to be extremely busy over the coming weeks, finishing the first draft of my novel (but I will be checking in here too!). I’m hoping to have it completed by the time my daughter and her family come to visit in the latter part of August. Wish me luck!

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21 thoughts on “Playing Tourist in my own Hometown

  1. Thanks for posting your lovely pictures. My wife vacationed near home this year, but we went far enough away to feel like we weren’t at home. I gotta say that when you vacation close to home, you’ve got better scenery than I do!


  2. Beautiful! When my husband and I lived in Hollywood, CA for 18 years, we would walk around, pretending to be “tourists from Idaho.” And now that we finally have made our home in the beautiful state of Idaho, we walk around here, play at being tourists — from Idaho.


      1. I love that haha. I often offer to take pictures for people attempting selfies, but I guess there are some folks who do so and then run away with someone’s phone or camera. Too bad and really nasty. ;(


        1. How funny you should say that…Paul made a joke about that very thing when he held the other couple’s camera. Noting it was a better one than ours, he told them to keep backing up, as if he was going to steal it. Luckily, they knew right away he was joking and laughed about it!


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