Berg Watching

Iceberg Alley is what we call the area stretching from the coast of Labrador to the northeast coast of the island of Newfoundland, and the best time for viewing bergs is late May and early June.

Saturday was beautiful and sunny, so Paul and I decided to drive to Greenspond to see if there were any icebergs close enough for good snaps. Before we entered the town, we were delighted to meet a few of them next to Greenspond’s causeway.
may 2015 119 (1280x535)

may 2015 178 (1280x741)
I can’t remember ever getting this close to a berg so huge!

may 2015 033 (1280x573)may 2015 026 (1280x603)

may 2015 190 (1280x663)may 2015 125 (1280x497)

This group climbed down on the rocks to get a closer look.
This group climbed down on the rocks to get a closer look.
may 2015 040 (1280x1180)
Close-up of a tiny waterfall on the iceberg.
may 2015 183 (1280x776)
Loving Nature’s sculptures

may 2015 156 (1280x619)may 2015 042 (1280x854)

 We drove on into Greenspond to discover even more of the frozen beauties from the North.

may 2015 111 (1280x383)
Well, hello there, giant hunk of glacier!

may 2015 086 (1280x733)

may 2015 090 (1280x578)
Such a pretty backdrop
This one makes me think of a flying saucer. Notice the deep blue middle.
This one makes me think of a flying saucer. Notice the deep blue middle.
may 2015 070 (1280x518)
A splendid view from this property.

may 2015 074 (1280x616)may 2015 053 (1280x466)may 2015 096 (1280x853)may 2015 095 (1280x853) may 2015 052 (1280x691)

One more look from the causeway on our way back
One last look from the causeway on our way back

Have you ever gotten up close and personal with an iceberg?

56 thoughts on “Berg Watching

  1. Thanks for the stunning photos… I did get to Greenspond myself and have some shots as well….so happy to have found your blog and to answer Lois…” Yes, yes!! We who live here do love and appreciate the beauty and the awesomeness that surround us here and it has shaped who we are as Newfoundlanders and Labradorians”

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    1. You’re welcome, Linda, and thanks so much for following my blog. I suppose there are a few around who take our gorgeous scenery for granted, but I bet they’d realize how much they miss it if they had to move away! I’m sure we all know someone who longs desperately to get back here to hear the ocean and smell the salt air. 🙂


  2. Stunning! No, I have never been close to an iceberg. It is difficult to even imagine as most of my time has been on the edge of a desert.


  3. They are breathtaking shots Jennifer. To be so close … and in such a pretty place! Thank you for sharing something I had absolutely no knowledge of!!


  4. Amazing photos, Jennifer! I always wonder if people who live by such awesome scenery realize how gorgeous it is. That guy is working on the back of his house, but does he realize…iceberg??!!

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    1. Yes, Kath I think you told me about seeing them near New Zealand before. I didn’t know they could go that far south. Thank you, and I hope you’re feeling better! ❤

      Oops, wait now, they must have been coming from Antarctica! Think, Jennifer, think! lol

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    1. Thank you, Jacqui, and you are welcome! Even getting close to them, the camera still doesn’t quite capture their immensity and grandeur. I can’t imagine how giant the actual glaciers look. It boggles the mind.


  5. How neat to get so close to them. Makes for fantastic photos! I’ve never been that close to an iceberg other than on an Alaskan cruise. But I was warm inside the ship. 🙂


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