Sunday Snaps: First Snowfall (and Fun Neighbours)

This past Thursday, Perry’s Point welcomed its first little snowfall for the season, just enough to get this cranky-pants in the festive mood for Christmas.

Speaking of being welcomed, our neighbours rolled out the welcome mat in more ways than one that evening when they invited us over for supper.

Unbeknownst to us until we ventured outside — and unnecessary because there were only a couple inches of the white stuff — “W” had cleared a path from our house to his. A sweet little gesture that put smiles on our faces. Check it out:

A look back at our house from the path
Taking the turn to their house
Follow the blacktop road!
The next day, a crisp, gorgeous afternoon for a walk.

“Kindness is like snow. It beautifies everything it covers.”
~ Kahlil Gibran

41 thoughts on “Sunday Snaps: First Snowfall (and Fun Neighbours)

      1. Ha ha – I am late in responding to this comment! It’s hard for me to get on the blog when I’m reading a book, so I go through a cycle of reading, then blogging and visiting other blogs, then I start over!

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  1. A neighbor to savor for many years! Kindness and snow – white with pleasure and purpose. Lovely, lovely Jennifer. I feel like I can really see your scene, too, now that I’ve read your books. Hugs to you on this beautiful season.

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  2. A perfect path for you and what considerate and kind neighbours! It is so uniform in shape I’m impressed. Wow! The next day looks stunning but so cold! Btw, is Perrys Point a coincidence or is it named after you?

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    1. We lucked out in the neighbour department for sure, Annika. As for being cold, my coat is down-filled so no worries there, it keeps me good and toasty.
      Perry’s Point was named after my husband’s predecessors and relatives from way back. Besides Paul, there are still a few descendants left, so the name sticks. πŸ™‚

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