Friday Bouquet #8

I have been a loyal follower of The Mad Hooligan Chronicles for nearly as long as I’ve been blogging. It went through a metamorphosis last year, and changed its name from the original, The Howling Mad Cat.


When HMC (Howling Mad Cat) departed for Kitty Cat Heaven at the ripe old age of 21, shortly after Ellie adopted two new cats by the names of Kobi and Bobo, and the Mad Hooligans blog was born.

Along with the adorably candid photos, Ellie treats us with three quotes to ponder, which relate to the topic of each of her posts.

Bo & Kobi

From their profile:

“Verily I say unto you: Ye shall have two cats, and they will cause havoc amongst the household.”

A light-hearted read to brighten your day, I suggest you take a look at yesterday’s entry. You just may hit the follow button too:

The Life of Riley

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Have a good weekend, everyone. ❤

Meowy Christmas :)


Happy Christmas Eve, everyone! Vivian K. Perry here, filling in for Jennifer today because she is in town celebrating the holidays in the bosom of her family.

Maisie and I are hanging out at home with our early Christmas presents, two new cat beds! We are thrilled with how cozy they are, and Jennifer was thrilled because they were only ten bucks a pop from Sears catalogue.



In keeping with the spirit of the season, please have a look at Maisie’s Christmas photo shoot below.













Happy holidays!


Playing Tourist in my own Hometown

Ahhh…Home Sweet Home!

After two busy weeks in our fair capital city of St. John’s, my husband and I are once again happy to be back in our house on the Point. Make no mistake, though, I always enjoy our extended summer jaunt revisiting my birthplace, even though husband has to bring some work with him. Time spent with the kids and grandkids is always a great thing, as were the walks around Mundy Pond and Quidi Vidi Lake, not to mention the dining out, the shopping, and celebrating husband’s birthday. We even managed to take a couple of side trips to Grates Cove and Portugal Cove while we were there.

the drive up the Hill
Cabot Tower








My trip would not have been complete, however, if I had not taken a spin up to Signal Hill.

Is it any wonder one of my favourite spots has a spectacular view of the ocean? I know, I know. I live by the sea. You’d think I would have had my fill of huge bodies of water by now. But no, when the yearning for the sea beckons, I must respond.

sunny and warm on Saturday
sunny and warm on Saturday
partial view of the walking trail
partial view of the walking trail


husband enjoying the view
husband enjoying the scenery


Fort Amherst
boat entering the Narrows
view of Cape Spear in the distance
Deadman's Pond - urban legend would have you believe it is bottomless
Deadman’s Pond – urban legend would have you believe it is bottomless
cannons guarding St. John's Harbour
cannons guarding the Harbour Narrows
the warmest visit I can ever remember on Signal Hill
the warmest visit I can ever remember on Signal Hill

I expect to be extremely busy over the coming weeks, finishing the first draft of my novel (but I will be checking in here too!). I’m hoping to have it completed by the time my daughter and her family come to visit in the latter part of August. Wish me luck!

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The Whole World Smiles With You :)

I’m sharing a few smiles I’ve collected from around the world in today’s post. While you listen to the great Louis Armstrong, it is my hope these photos will put a smile on your face too. 🙂



cuba 168
Smiles served with Breakfast
cuba 089
Our Favourite Waitress
Lunchtime Serenaders
Lunchtime Serenaders
cuba 204
Smiling faces at Dinner


How’s this for Service with a Smile?
New Friends from Montreal
Our Concierge


France 042
Sisters we met in Stresa
rome 080
Our Favourite Bartender in Rome


Friends in Florida:

florida 038

Relatives in Ottawa:


Dominican Republic:

Our Trip to the Dominican Republic 076
All-inclusive – even the Smiles
Our Trip to the Dominican Republic 077
Friendly Lady
Our Trip to the Dominican Republic 084
“I’ll be your waiter this evening”
Our Trip to the Dominican Republic 081
Our Trip to the Dominican Republic 107
My Personal Favourite  🙂

Photo Challenge: Up

This week’s photo challenge at the Daily Post inspired me to have a look back on our memorable trip to Italy and France. It didn’t take long to come “up” with some photos that fit nicely with the theme.

(Not sure if it’s against the rules to share more than one. ;))  I hope you enjoy them.

Italian Alps
View of the Italian Alps – Stresa, Italy
Staircase at our B & B - Stresa, Italy
Staircase at our B & B – Stresa, Italy
View from our Hotel Room In Rome
View from our Hotel Room – Rome, Italy
View at Night - Rome
x2 at Night
marble staircase in hotel - Rome
marble staircase in hotel – Rome
Palazzo Vecchio - Siena, Italy
Palazzo Vecchio – Siena, Italy
Duomo of Florence - Italy
Duomo of Florence – Italy
Notre Dame Cathedral - Paris
Notre Dame Cathedral – Paris
Inside Cathedral - Paris
Inside Cathedral – Paris
Louis Vuitton - Paris
Louis Vuitton – Paris
Eiffel Tower - Paris
Eiffel Tower – Paris
x2 - at night
x2 – at night
France 003
In front of the Arc de Triomphe – Paris
Arc de Triomphe - Paris
Arc de Triomphe x2
France 013
France 022
Ceilings in the Louvre Museum - Paris
Ceilings in the Louvre Museum – Paris

Hey, Little Girl

Here is a poem I wrote to my little granddaughter, who is so very near and dear to my heart, along with a selection of my favourite photos of her over the years.



Hey little girl, what tender dreams do you dream?
You are this world’s destiny yet unseen
We look to you to see a new truth revealed
While you play and you laugh and invent new games
And your tears make our hearts melt and break
But the lessons you are learning
They will help you move on
They’ll help you become strong
For the passions that you set your sights upon



Hey little girl, what brave new songs will you sing
When to your childhood you can no longer cling?
But please remember, to your family
You are a gift and a blessing that burst into our lives
And your smile makes our hearts fill with pride
As you dance through the years ahead
Through our lives and beyond
We’ll always cheer you on
Down that path where you can’t take us along

Hey little girl, what tender dreams do you dream?


A Welcome Weekend

This Friday, my husband and I are going to town to spend a few days caring for our two little grandchildren. Allowing L and J’s hardworking parents to go off on a private weekend and enjoy some time by themselves has become a little tradition for us, a tradition we happily and gratefully accept.

We look forward to taking them on a couple of outings, one of which will be to buy a Christmas present for a needy child and putting it under the Happy Tree at the mall. Some visits with family, a Santa Claus Parade, and the obligatory games and bedtime stories will ensure lots of fun-filled moments for the children and grandparents alike.

This weekend couldn’t come at a better time for me. Spending time with my sweet little ones is just the diversion I need right now, a breath of fresh air that will help me regroup, regain focus, and get back to my normal life. There’s this novel I started writing last month that I had no other choice but to put aside due to my recent loss, but it is back on the agenda this week, I am pleased to say.

Here are just a few photos I selected from fun times we had with L and J, over the past year.

Four more sleeps, kids! Your Nanny and Poppy can’t wait. 🙂

Heritage Fishing Village


Come along with me as I revisit my community’s Living Heritage Village. It is a major tourist attraction in this part of our province, providing a historical look back at the old days for our visitors, and seasonal employment for some of our locals.

Templeman House, a registered heritage home
Templeman plaque
Benjamin Barbour House

The heritage homes also boast a treasure trove of antiques and other artifacts.

I just love this door
Fishing Stage
Fishing Supply Building
Alphaeus Barbour House

Old Shoppe restaurant
St. Luke’s Anglican Church is also a living heritage site
The church received the Southcott Award, for preservation of Newfoundland and Labrador’s architectural heritage.

During the summer, the Village provides guided tours by staff in period costumes, as well as dinner theatre and concerts in the buildings I have shown here. Also featured are a craft shop, art gallery, tea room, and a restaurant.

So if you are ever in my area, do drop in and check it out. For more info, visit the website:

Canada Day weekend..

Okay, this is the first time we ever had friends come to dinner – in a CANOE!

Another wonderful thing about living the coastal life. 🙂

Scenes From France – Part Two: Paris

Over the previous winter, my sister and I and our spouses had planned this Italy/France trip to end on a high note.  Now tell me, how better to end it than with a visit to Paris in June?

I considered it an interesting fact that this beautiful city had been originally nicknamed the “City of Light” because it was a center of education and ideas during the Age of Enlightenment, but later earned the name when Paris began lighting the Champs-Elysees with lamps.

With so much to see and do, my camera had kicked into overdrive, so this section of my travelog will have to be shown in two blog posts.  I hope you enjoy them. For the best viewing experience, click each one for a closer look.

our hotel
view from our hotel room
just outside our hotel
…and at night!
also a view from our window – temptation everywhere
for the sweet tooth

Academie Royale de Musique – the Paris Opera
wrought iron balconies abound

one of my favourite street scenes

One of our larger excursions was an afternoon at the Musee du Louvre. The Louvre is the most visited art museum in the world, and a historic monument because of its beginnings as a fortress.  As it is also one of the biggest art museums worldwide, these pictures as a representation don’t even scratch the surface of what waits inside its walls.

throngs of tourists everywhere
view of the Louvre Pyramid in the main
courtyard from inside one of its wings
another view from inside

one of the spectacular ceilings in the Louvre
Mona was smaller than I expected.

Okay, I know you’re smart, husband,
but stop pretending to read that  ; )

A real mummy – yikes!