A Welcome Weekend

This Friday, my husband and I are going to town to spend a few days caring for our two little grandchildren. Allowing L and J’s hardworking parents to go off on a private weekend and enjoy some time by themselves has become a little tradition for us, a tradition we happily and gratefully accept.

We look forward to taking them on a couple of outings, one of which will be to buy a Christmas present for a needy child and putting it under the Happy Tree at the mall. Some visits with family, a Santa Claus Parade, and the obligatory games and bedtime stories will ensure lots of fun-filled moments for the children and grandparents alike.

This weekend couldn’t come at a better time for me. Spending time with my sweet little ones is just the diversion I need right now, a breath of fresh air that will help me regroup, regain focus, and get back to my normal life. There’s this novel I started writing last month that I had no other choice but to put aside due to my recent loss, but it is back on the agenda this week, I am pleased to say.

Here are just a few photos I selected from fun times we had with L and J, over the past year.

Four more sleeps, kids! Your Nanny and Poppy can’t wait. ūüôā

Hard-workin’ Man

My husband, who works at home, usually tries to take the weekend off to get some much-deserved rest to recharge his batteries.  So Saturday morning he put his drafting and design work aside, and got outdoors.

First, he cleaned out the shed, put aside some renovation debris, and straightened up some of the things we have stored out there. Then, using the wheelbarrow, he moved said debris out on the point near the water’s edge, requiring several trips, and built a huge bonfire.

After the fire died down, my sweetie then built a little step-ramp to the shed door for wheeling out the barbecue and lawnmower. ¬†When that was finished, he tuned up the lawnmower and proceeded to cut the grass on our property. ¬†All of this relaxation had worked up his appetite, so he came inside and made himself a sandwich. ¬†But hey, that grass wasn’t done yet, so out he went again to finish up.

When the lawn was done, my husband took out our zero gravity chairs and set them up on the deck. ¬†Then he wheeled out the barbecue and put that on the deck. ¬†Because it hadn’t been used since last fall, he had to clean off the grill. ¬†Perfect! ¬†We would have our burgers barbecued tonight, I thought, my mouth watering. ¬†So my honey made our delicious dinner.

And that was Saturday.

This morning, my husband made his specialty scrambled eggs for the two of us, the ideal fuel for his second day of leisure.  Time to get to it!  First, he took out the recyclables, fed and watered the cats, and changed the kitty litter.  Then he went upstairs and put up some wood trim around our shower.

Well, that was all he needed to do around the house, for now.  So he went back to his office this afternoon, not to do drafting, but to put some time in on his favorite hobby, his pen and ink art.
It’s always nice to see my husband enjoying a weekend off. ¬†¬†‚ô•