Heritage Fishing Village


Come along with me as I revisit my community’s Living Heritage Village. It is a major tourist attraction in this part of our province, providing a historical look back at the old days for our visitors, and seasonal employment for some of our locals.

Templeman House, a registered heritage home
Templeman plaque
Benjamin Barbour House

The heritage homes also boast a treasure trove of antiques and other artifacts.

I just love this door
Fishing Stage
Fishing Supply Building
Alphaeus Barbour House

Old Shoppe restaurant
St. Luke’s Anglican Church is also a living heritage site
The church received the Southcott Award, for preservation of Newfoundland and Labrador’s architectural heritage.

During the summer, the Village provides guided tours by staff in period costumes, as well as dinner theatre and concerts in the buildings I have shown here. Also featured are a craft shop, art gallery, tea room, and a restaurant.

So if you are ever in my area, do drop in and check it out. For more info, visit the website: www.barbour-site.com

Autumn Walk on the East Coast

Come along as we take a stroll through Newtown on this beautiful October day.

partridgeberries – a.k.a. lingonberries

The tide is high this afternoon.
Much of my next door neighbour’s garden is still summer lovely.

I stopped to admire another neighbour’s potato harvest. Of course, he insisted I take a bagful.
Dogberries, a true harbinger of Fall

Lobster traps
Mr. Blue Sky and me
Still wearing his shorts in October, and loving it

The Tickle

Our other neighbour is drying salt fish.
Freshly painted grapnels for next year’s fishing season
Kitties, you should have come with us.

Scenes From France – Part One: Cannes

Our group of four left Italy by train, eager to begin the next leg of our adventure in a new country.  Beautiful France awaited!  Our first destination was Cannes on the French Riviera, and it didn’t disappoint.  Warm, sunny weather, beautiful sandy beaches, exceptional shopping venues, and cuisine par excellence epitomized a delightful tourist experience. The Cannes Film Festival was over for the year, hence we saw no celebrities.   But I hope my photos give you some idea of why I recommend Cannes as a preferred vacation spot.

Almost there!
View of the gorgeous Côte d’Azur from the train..
entrance to our lovely hotel
view from our balcony

This is where I’m staying next time 😉
Let’s have a look around!

cool sculpture
Did I mention this place?
temperatures in the 30’s (celsius) most days we were there

Coming soon:  Paris..

Scenes From Italy – Part Four: Stresa

We said goodbye to half of our group whose time had come to fly home, as well as “ciao” to Tuscany, then the four of us rode by train to northern Italy.  Nestled by Lake Maggiore in the foothills of the Italian Alps, the pretty little town of Stresa was a welcome sight.  We checked into a B & B, our home for the next few days.

Bed and Breakfast

Lake Maggiore is the second largest lake in Italy.

We climbed the hill by cable car to see the magnificent view.
the Alps

Pippa, the resident cat at our B & B
Enjoying a refreshment!

this morning…

eyes open wide at sunrise,

i’m pondering a metaphor

for love

to paint a poem of words

of the two of us in couplet

yet apart

today between the lines

you will teach chess to

the school children

today among minutiae

i will savour our


let this stanza of our lives

speak to beauty in its rhythm

and its rhyme

let passion write the verse

twin souls in gentle tandem

through the hours

tonight, reverie abandoned

i’ll bathe in quiet


tonight, your page bookmarked

you’ll read me as i want

to be

you whisper my name jennifer

i think i’ve found the metaphor

in you