Spring Trip Memories: 2019

Since we’ve been enduring day after day of rain, drizzle and fog here in Newfoundland—along with a touch of the white stuff yesterday—I thought it was high time to drag out photos from our last vacation off the island. Hard to believe it’s been almost two years since we flew to sunny Cuba for a week. 

The weather was particularly hot and humid this time, but we found ways to keep cool with the help of pools, shady spots, a la carte dining, and lots of cold drinks.

This cloud looked like a curtain being drawn over the resort. The inevitable shower was short, sweet, and refreshing.

The bus arrives for an afternoon excursion to the town of Varadero.

And no trip to Varadero would be complete without an al fresco meal at our favourite “restaurante.”
(Photos from a previous visit in the link below)

Who knows if we will ever see the Caribbean again?
At least we have the Memories!

More from Cuba: A Spanish Purr Sounds Just as Sweet

A Spanish Purr Sounds Just as Sweet


“Whaaa? Is Jennifer blogging about cats, again?” 

Look, I will be the first to admit it. I love all animals, but my adoration for creatures of the feline variety is mega-size and always has been. So if you think I’m a hopeless ailurophile – for those who don’t know, that’s the fancy word for cat lover – I will readily own up to it. This blog has my name on it which means there has to be a cat post now and then.

I think often about kitties of all stripes (pun intended), particularly my own. On the days leading up to our trip to Cuba earlier this month, and actually, any time we travel, I begin worrying in earnest. What do our cats think when we disappear like that, for days on end? Do they open their eyes from each nap expecting to see us, and roam from window to window, wondering what the devil has become of us? Do they fill with anxiety, for fear we shall never return?

We're so blue without you.
We’re so blue without you.

When I voice these concerns to my husband, he gives me a patronizing smile and reassures me once again that they don’t think that way, especially as we make sure before we go that all their needs are met and we have someone checking on them. And of course they have each other. But how can he know that for certain, that they aren’t pining for us? I know he loves cats too, but does he think he can read their minds?

Wherever we go, Cuba included, little cats seem drawn to him. I’ll give him that. Like this little tomcat.

Well, hello!
“Hola” from el gato!



The Cat Whisperer (sounds much better than p#ssy magnet ;) )
The Cat Whisperer

This gorgeous boy belongs to the restaurant's next door neighbour.
This gorgeous tabby belongs to the restaurant’s next door neighbour.


Staring at my husband in quiet awe
He stares at my husband in quiet awe.

Pose pretty for the camera
Pose pretty for the camera, sweet boy. x

So even though I remain unapologetic and consider myself as devoted to cats as he is, and I worry more about the ones we leave behind, I wonder why they always give him the lion’s share of attention. Even the Spanish ones.


What do you think? Say anything, but please don’t call me a crazy cat lady!


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The Whole World Smiles With You :)

I’m sharing a few smiles I’ve collected from around the world in today’s post. While you listen to the great Louis Armstrong, it is my hope these photos will put a smile on your face too. 🙂



cuba 168
Smiles served with Breakfast

cuba 089
Our Favourite Waitress

Lunchtime Serenaders
Lunchtime Serenaders

cuba 204
Smiling faces at Dinner


How’s this for Service with a Smile?


New Friends from Montreal

Our Concierge


France 042
Sisters we met in Stresa

rome 080
Our Favourite Bartender in Rome


Friends in Florida:

florida 038

Relatives in Ottawa:


Dominican Republic:

Our Trip to the Dominican Republic 076
All-inclusive – even the Smiles

Our Trip to the Dominican Republic 077
Friendly Lady

Our Trip to the Dominican Republic 084
“I’ll be your waiter this evening”

Our Trip to the Dominican Republic 081

Our Trip to the Dominican Republic 107
My Personal Favourite  🙂

Travel Theme: Multiples


Here is my contribution to Ailsa’s travel theme this week, a closer look at multiples on some vacations of mine.

To start things off, here are a couple of snaps from Cuba.

imageHmm…this perspective is making me thirsty.

Of course, when it comes to multiple anything, Disney World delivers.



Inside the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, an abundance of stained glass splendour awaits.

…And just outside the cathedral, who can resist all the tiny feathered friends eagerly accepting snacks?


A restaurant on a pier in Jamaica awaits its tablecloths, and its evening diners.

Springtime in Montreal is always a delight.


imageAlso in Montreal, I spotted these ladies. I just love them.

imageSwimming in Florida. Multiples come in actual human form too, of course.

Travel Theme: Foliage (and Other Living Things)

Trees and their foliage are, without a doubt, some of Nature’s most wondrous treasures.

But sometimes, the best photograph of a tree is not as much about the tree itself, but what is found in and among its foliage and branches.

Like in this photo I snapped in Varadero, Cuba, you may see tiny birds:

…two “love birds”, perhaps?

Or you might happen upon a couple of sister cats exploring among the leaves:

Paradise backyard, Newfoundland

And if you see a magnificent tree such as this one day, don’t be surprised to find little children playing among its sturdy limbs:

Bowring Park, St. John’s, Newfoundland

This has been my contribution to wheresmybackpack.com’s weekly Travel Theme.
This week: Foliage

Thank you for the inspiration, Ailsa!

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