Calmer Girls Setting in Pictures

Although Calmer Girls is a fictional tale, its Canadian setting certainly isn’t.

It was fun writing a pair of novels set in my birthplace of St. John’s, Newfoundland, and perhaps the following pictorial will better explain why it had inspired me. After all, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!

All of these locations are featured in scenes throughout the first novel. Calmer Cove is not included as it is semi-fictional.

St. John’s Harbour
66 Thunderbird Convertible

Samantha and her sister took their first ride in Ben Swift’s T-bird to Signal Hill and along the harbourfront. Later, Samantha took pictures of a cruise ship in the Narrows.

View of Harbour from Signal Hill
Cabot Tower on Signal Hill – National Historic site
Where Ben Swift lives: Gower Street, in all its vibrant colours
x 2
Where Samantha, Veronica and their mother live: Military Road
x 2
Cape Spear.  Sam, Ben and Kalen visit here. This is the oldest original lighthouse structure in the province.
x 2: Aerial view of Cape Spear – the most easterly point in all of North America
x 3: Cape Spear National Historic Site – new lighthouse
Newfoundland, Canada
House similar to rich girl Crystal’s. She has a party one night where Ben loses his temper. (Canada House on Circular Road, Heritage Property)
St. John’s Regatta at Quidi Vidi Lake, where Samantha and Ben share their first kiss.
Bannerman Park, where Samantha and Ben get busted while kissing. Also where Ben loses it – again! – and punches his buddy Kalen in the face.
The War Memorial, where Ben finally confesses his depression to Samantha. 
Planned Parenthood – NL Sexual Health Centre, where Veronica visits!

Thanks for visiting my hometown, which is, in my opinion,
one of the most vibrant and colourful places on earth.

Photo sources: NL Tourism, Government sites, Wikipedia, Google (public domain)

Come back next time for Part 2: Calmer Secrets Setting

My Buttercup Runneth Over


Vivian’s View From Here: Kilmory Getaway

024 (1280x856) Welcome back, my peeps and pets, to Vivian’s View From Here.
Today we take a page from my Summer Travel Diary.

074 (1280x837)Our “staff” took a break from St. John’s this past week
to spend three nights at Kilmory Resort near Swift Current.

034 (1280x867)It was beautiful and secluded there in our pine log chalet,
which, of course, was right up our alley.

026 (1280x852)Maisie and I especially loved the loft, because we like perching up high.
001 (1280x613)So peaceful, so cozy…
019 (1280x800)We weren’t particularly fond of the noise from the jacuzzi jets, however.
012 (1280x897)But we appreciated the bird’s-eye view of our beloved staff.
006 (1280x779)Here I am practising my “lumbersexual” poses. That’s a thing!
010 (1280x853)If you never heard of it, go google it! I’ll wait. 🙂
002 (1280x894)As nice and comfy as it was, after a while
we grew weary of having to staying indoors.

021 (797x1280)“Hey, I hear lots of birds and squirrels!”
Maisie meows. “Can you please let us out?”
085 (1280x954)After all, we’re used to going out all the time on Perry’s Point.
087 (1280x815)And look how beautiful and sunny it is out there!
086 (1280x819)Please???
147 (1280x908)Begging works! Our staff fashioned makeshift leashes,
so we could explore outdoors for a bit.



Thanks for dropping by, everyone!
~ head bumps & nose kisses,
041-800x415 (1)

Kilmory Resort

My “Backyard” – Pt. 2: The Beach

As the last tranquil days of summer disappear, I am drawn to the warmth of the sandy beaches that encircle Perry’s Point.

For a few moments, I can almost forget colder days are approaching…


This stretch of sand is begging for bare feet.

“To see a world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wild flower,
         hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour.”
~ William Blake





It’s good to see that the beach birds are still around.
The sandpipers and plovers seem to be in no hurry to wing their way south for the winter.

Among the strands and clumps of kelp, there must be lots of yummy tidbits for them to eat.
Notice how some like to stand on one leg.
The different species get along fairly well, sharing nature’s bounty.
Due to global warming, many species of birds in North America are dwindling in numbers, and the numbers on protected and endangered lists are increasing.
I hope you never face extinction, my precious feathered friends.
This one appears to have something to say about it all.
I love their plump little bodies…
…and their long beaks!


Vivian doesn’t go down to the beach unless she has company…
…Good thing for the beach birds!


“The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man.” ~ Charles Darwin

Thank you for stopping by to enjoy the beach with me, and Summer’s last hurrah. 🙂

Has Fall arrived where you live?

My “Backyard” – Part 1

“If one really loves nature, one can find beauty everywhere.”
~ Vincent van Gogh

There is something about this time of year, before the advent of autumn, that I love about life on Perry’s Point.

Unconventional to say the least, my backyard here in Newfoundland has no fences, save for one side shared with our neighbour.

One day last week I got out early with my camera, hoping to capture the soft morning light.

The grass is still glistening with dew.
The grass still glistens with dew.
It's shaping up to be a splendid September day.
It’s shaping up to be another splendid September day.
View from the back door.
View of the islands from the back door
Neighbour Ben’s boat
Vivian is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.
Vivian joins me, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.


Maisie is looking for a belly rub.
Maisie begs shamelessly for a belly rub.
The outermost point of land on Perry's Point
View from our deck of the outermost point of land on Perry’s Point
Walking toward the brink
Walking toward the brink. Around here they call it a “beel”, which I believe to be a slang version of “bill”, or small peninsula.
This morning the bay is calm and serene.



The inukshuk my husband made this summer
The Inukshuk my husband made this summer
The "Rock Cove", where rainwater collects
The “Rock Cove”, where rainwater collects
An ideal source of drinking water for our feathered friends. We've seen a few indulge in birdbaths here too.
It’s an ideal source of fresh drinking water for our feathered friends. We’ve seen a few indulge in bird baths here too.
The patridgeberries are ripening, on schedule for picking next month.
The partridgeberries are ripening, on schedule for picking next month.
I don't know what kind these are. Do you?
I don’t know what kind these are. Do you?


Neighbour Ben's buoys and bobbers
Neighbour Ben’s fishing buoys and bobbers


“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”
~ Albert Einstein

Join me next Monday for:  My “Backyard”- Part 2: The Beach

Sunshine, Surf and Sand

Is there anything that captures the carefree magic of summer more than spending warm days playing at the beach? When the kids came to visit this week, they happily took advantage of the many delights the seaside has to offer. 115 142 143


Our little girl made a new friend :)
Our little girl makes a new friend 🙂

Building sand castles, catching hermit crabs in their little shells – and releasing them again – jumping over frothy waves and off of sand dunes, letting their dog run free, all this and more made for a memorable summer holiday.


Nico loved his newfound freedom
Nico loves his newfound freedom
One, two, three, go!
One, two, three, go!
My beautiful girl
My beautiful girl

Nico probably had the best vacation a dog ever had. The freedom to explore the coastline, running after beach birds that couldn’t be caught, he was a joy to watch as he galloped across the sand in wide circles around us.

Playing fetch!
Playing fetch!

Our little girl played with her new friend from Ontario every chance she got, as if they had always known each other. When the time came to say goodbye, she cried, but they exchanged addresses and made plans to become pen pals until they could see each other again. 🙂

The day they left, our little boy said he wished he lived here because he didn’t have a “backyard beach” at home.

Come back for more fun any time you want, precious boy.
Come back for more fun any time you want, precious children.

Travel Theme: Play
Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

Travel Theme: Architecture

Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Architecture.

While I was out and about in the older section of St. John’s last month, I stopped to admire some of the colourful Victorian rowhouses near the downtown. Tourists come every year looking for the street called Jelly Bean Row, but there is no one street. It is the nickname given to all the vibrantly painted row houses in the downtown area.

At Wit’s Inn 🙂


141 143


For fellow Canadians familiar with the CBC television show Republic of Doyle, this is the outside shot of the "Doyle household"
For fellow Canadians familiar with the CBC television show Republic of Doyle, this is the outside shot used for the “Doyle household”.


Playing Tourist in my own Hometown

Ahhh…Home Sweet Home!

After two busy weeks in our fair capital city of St. John’s, my husband and I are once again happy to be back in our house on the Point. Make no mistake, though, I always enjoy our extended summer jaunt revisiting my birthplace, even though husband has to bring some work with him. Time spent with the kids and grandkids is always a great thing, as were the walks around Mundy Pond and Quidi Vidi Lake, not to mention the dining out, the shopping, and celebrating husband’s birthday. We even managed to take a couple of side trips to Grates Cove and Portugal Cove while we were there.

the drive up the Hill
Cabot Tower








My trip would not have been complete, however, if I had not taken a spin up to Signal Hill.

Is it any wonder one of my favourite spots has a spectacular view of the ocean? I know, I know. I live by the sea. You’d think I would have had my fill of huge bodies of water by now. But no, when the yearning for the sea beckons, I must respond.

sunny and warm on Saturday
sunny and warm on Saturday
partial view of the walking trail
partial view of the walking trail


husband enjoying the view
husband enjoying the scenery


Fort Amherst
boat entering the Narrows
view of Cape Spear in the distance
Deadman's Pond - urban legend would have you believe it is bottomless
Deadman’s Pond – urban legend would have you believe it is bottomless
cannons guarding St. John's Harbour
cannons guarding the Harbour Narrows
the warmest visit I can ever remember on Signal Hill
the warmest visit I can ever remember on Signal Hill

I expect to be extremely busy over the coming weeks, finishing the first draft of my novel (but I will be checking in here too!). I’m hoping to have it completed by the time my daughter and her family come to visit in the latter part of August. Wish me luck!

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Travel Theme – Bridges


Here is my contribution to this week’s travel photo challenge, Bridges, by Ailsa at

I simply had to begin with my favourite bridge from my travels in Europe, the Ponte Vecchio.

Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge) over the Arno River in Florence, Italy
Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge) over the Arno River in Florence, Italy
One of the thirty seven bridges over the Seine River in Paris, France. Here's a challenge: Can anyone tell me the name of this one?
One of the thirty-seven bridges over the Seine River in Paris, France. Here’s a challenge: Can anyone tell me the name of this one?
Barrel Bridge at Tom Sawyer's Island - Magic Kingdom, Disney World, Florida
Barrel Bridge at Tom Sawyer’s Island – Magic Kingdom, Disney World, Florida
x 2
x 2
x 3 - the grandkiddies loved it
x 3 – the grandkiddies (and the son-in-law!) loved it
x 4
x 4
x 5
x 5

And now for a couple of bridges that are closer to home:

Bridge on the Random Passage walking trail near Cape Freels, NL
Bridge on the Random Passage walking trail near Cape Freels, NL
Mr. Blue Sky and me - Bridge right here in Newtown, NL
Mr. Blue Sky and me – Bridge right here in Newtown, NL

Heritage Fishing Village


Come along with me as I revisit my community’s Living Heritage Village. It is a major tourist attraction in this part of our province, providing a historical look back at the old days for our visitors, and seasonal employment for some of our locals.

Templeman House, a registered heritage home
Templeman plaque
Benjamin Barbour House

The heritage homes also boast a treasure trove of antiques and other artifacts.

I just love this door
Fishing Stage
Fishing Supply Building
Alphaeus Barbour House

Old Shoppe restaurant
St. Luke’s Anglican Church is also a living heritage site
The church received the Southcott Award, for preservation of Newfoundland and Labrador’s architectural heritage.

During the summer, the Village provides guided tours by staff in period costumes, as well as dinner theatre and concerts in the buildings I have shown here. Also featured are a craft shop, art gallery, tea room, and a restaurant.

So if you are ever in my area, do drop in and check it out. For more info, visit the website: