Friday Bouquet #21


Carrie Rubin is a pediatrician who also happens to be the author of an award-winning medical thriller I recently enjoyed. Besides that, she is a blogger with a fine sense of humour.  I follow her blog, The Write Transitionand she keeps me smiling over on Twitter as well.

From her About Page:

“Physician, public health advocate, writer. I believe every experience is worthwhile, even if our paths deviate from where we started.

I am the author of The Seneca Scourge, a medical thriller. This blog chronicles my transition into the writing world, all with a dose of humor, because to me laughter is one of life’s necessities.”


Have a look at this recent post of Carrie’s, especially if you are guilty of using, ahem, big words:

Careful, Your Frasier Crane is Showing: Using Big Words In Writing When Smaller Ones Will Do

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Have a great weekend, everyone ❤

Meowy Christmas :)


Happy Christmas Eve, everyone! Vivian K. Perry here, filling in for Jennifer today because she is in town celebrating the holidays in the bosom of her family.

Maisie and I are hanging out at home with our early Christmas presents, two new cat beds! We are thrilled with how cozy they are, and Jennifer was thrilled because they were only ten bucks a pop from Sears catalogue.



In keeping with the spirit of the season, please have a look at Maisie’s Christmas photo shoot below.













Happy holidays!




Happy Friday, everyone!

The Daily Post here at WordPress presents a challenge this week to exhibit the Unexpected in our photo collections. Here’s my take. 🙂

Which of these things doesn't belong here? (but is actually the cutest - my grandson!
Which of these dolls is the cutest? – My grandson, of course!


Cool Sculpture in Cannes, France
Cool Sculpture in Cannes, France


This sinkhole happened by our house a few years ago - Oh Deere!
This sinkhole happened by our house a few years ago. It took another back digger to pull it out. – Oh Deere!


Now Sis, you are just asking for a headache. ;)
Now Sis, you are just asking for a headache. 😉
(Dominican Republic)

Hard-workin’ Man

My husband, who works at home, usually tries to take the weekend off to get some much-deserved rest to recharge his batteries.  So Saturday morning he put his drafting and design work aside, and got outdoors.

First, he cleaned out the shed, put aside some renovation debris, and straightened up some of the things we have stored out there. Then, using the wheelbarrow, he moved said debris out on the point near the water’s edge, requiring several trips, and built a huge bonfire.

After the fire died down, my sweetie then built a little step-ramp to the shed door for wheeling out the barbecue and lawnmower.  When that was finished, he tuned up the lawnmower and proceeded to cut the grass on our property.  All of this relaxation had worked up his appetite, so he came inside and made himself a sandwich.  But hey, that grass wasn’t done yet, so out he went again to finish up.

When the lawn was done, my husband took out our zero gravity chairs and set them up on the deck.  Then he wheeled out the barbecue and put that on the deck.  Because it hadn’t been used since last fall, he had to clean off the grill.  Perfect!  We would have our burgers barbecued tonight, I thought, my mouth watering.  So my honey made our delicious dinner.

And that was Saturday.

This morning, my husband made his specialty scrambled eggs for the two of us, the ideal fuel for his second day of leisure.  Time to get to it!  First, he took out the recyclables, fed and watered the cats, and changed the kitty litter.  Then he went upstairs and put up some wood trim around our shower.

Well, that was all he needed to do around the house, for now.  So he went back to his office this afternoon, not to do drafting, but to put some time in on his favorite hobby, his pen and ink art.
It’s always nice to see my husband enjoying a weekend off.   ♥