Paw Prints

Cold winter days are fast approaching, and for our feline friends and housemates Maisie and Viv, that means snowy paws and shorter trips outside.

Sometimes they cry to go out, but change their minds and make a quick backtrack when we open the door and the bitter wind hits their furry faces. Then they cry again as if we can magically change the weather for them!

“Cats seem to go on the principle that it never does any harm to ask for what you want.” – Joseph Wood Krutch, American writer, critic, and naturalist

Winter Morning Haiku

Peaceful winter morn
Dressed in snow – the only sound:
Soft moan of the sea.

I wish this was the view from our yard today, but no. This snap was taken last winter when we had snow. Positively springlike all weekend!

Photo originally published here.

Snow & Ice

“Our familiar garden by the sea has transformed . . . each bramble and bush laminated in a thick, crystalline coat, every amber blade dressed in its stiff raiment of frost. With a watchful step, I venture out on the crust of snow.” – Jennifer Kelland Perry, Endless Chill

Has winter arrived in your backyard?

Vivian’s View From Here: Weekend Blizzard

Hey, everyone, I’m back!! blogw (15)

Vivian K. Perry here, to tell you all about the
snowstorm forecast for most of the island of Newfoundland tonight and tomorrow.

We’re well acquainted with winter storms in this neck of the woods, but I think we are in for a mother of a blizzard this time, with 30 to 50 centimeters and high winds promised for central, and for us, before it’s all over!

Here are Maisie and I, first this morning, and second, how we will weather the storm:

IMG_0420 IMG_0422 maisie 3maisieandviv
viv2005-1280x1010imagesIMG_0433 IMG_0445

may 2015 013

may 2015 014

may 2015 009 may 2015 011

may 2015 012

snowy door




Besides all of this, there is still work to be done. Please watch this little video clip below of me in Paul’s office. He puts me in a bed on top of his printer when I get lonely for his company. Be sure to turn up your volume so you can hear me purr.

Stay warm and see you all next time after we dig out!

Calm Before the Storm

When you get a beautiful sunny day around here in the middle of February, it’s almost impossible to resist the urge to get outside and enjoy it. And especially so, when the forecast is telling you that it is the calm before yet another winter storm.

Yes, the winds are going to whip up again tonight, and we’ll have to be content with more cocooning. But yesterday my husband and I enjoyed a walk on the branch road, on perhaps the most brilliant winter day we’ve had this year.

Here is a sampling of some photos from our walk.

View from our back deck
Lots of ice in the Tickle
View of Perry’s Point from the branch road
That’s our house (light one with the matching shed)



His nibs (just kidding 😉 )
Some of the sparse evergreens in our immediate area


Another little “droke”
021 (2)
Back on the Point


Plenty of “batty catters” (Newfoundland term for ice and snow formed on shoreline rocks)
l love the calm of the blue sky and ocean

How about where you live? Are you enjoying your February weather?

Cold and Dreary February? Nahh… Part One (Outdoors)

I have never professed to be a winter-loving person.   I don’t ski, skate or snowmobile, and here in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, the winter can drag on longer than many of us like.

But it isn’t all bad.  I do like to go outdoors on the sunny days for walks, or just to take some pictures of things that catch my fanciful eye.  Last week I snapped a few shots of the glittering aftermath of a sleet storm.  It is also satisfying to find signs of wildlife…and finding wildlife itself.

(For better viewing, click on the first photo to start the gallery)

But then, as pretty as all this is, my heart is looking forward.  It waits patiently, yet eagerly for summer.

Coming soon:  Cold and Dreary February?  Nahh… Part Two  (Indoors)

This is why they call it “Bonavista” Bay

Backyard Sunset
Slob Ice in the Bay
Sunshine through the Clouds
My Cat Vivian Enjoying the View
Surreal, isn’t it?
Nature’s Beauty
Backyard View
So Romantic
Visit from a Baby Harp Seal
Whitecoat Watching
St. Luke’s
Beautiful Winter Day
Bald Eagle on Rock.  Notice Flatfish in his Clutches.    Photo courtesy of Wayne Perry
Seagull wants that Flatfish too!         Photo courtesy of Wayne Perry