Flippery Friend

Turn that frown upside down, little fellow.

Seals have been paying us frequent visits around the Point this winter.

I’ve shared snaps of a recent visitor on Instagram this week, as well as a little whitecoat on an earlier Sunday Snap, but today’s pic is a favourite from the post Calm in 2016.

I’ve lost count of how many times this particular photo has been pinned on Pinterest.

Wishing you all a pleasant week, my friends!

Bonavista Bay Polar Bear!

local Facebook photo

“Be careful what you wish for, Jennifer…”

I have always adored animals, and was enjoying getting closer to nature since my husband and I moved back to rural Newfoundland, but THIS IS A LITTLE TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT.

Yes, the big visitor showed up in our little town just yesterday, one of four recent reports of polar bears being on the island of Newfoundland so far this spring (read further and view actual pictures from yesterday from the linked article below).  The Ursus Maritimus doesn’t often make its way this far south.  It is when it is hungrily hunting seals, which are found on icepans this time of year, that it may end up in some of our backyards.  Yikes!!

“Don’t worry,”  says my husband.  “Nobody has ever been attacked by a polar bear in Newtown before.”

Gee, thanks, Honey.  I don’t know why I was worrying.  We are, after all, only talking about the LARGEST LIVING LAND PREDATOR IN THE WORLD.

Silly RCMP, too, for warning us to be on the lookout.  Oh well, as the old joke goes, I won’t have to outrun the bear, I’ll just have to outrun the husband…

Cold and Dreary February? Nahh… Part One (Outdoors)

I have never professed to be a winter-loving person.   I don’t ski, skate or snowmobile, and here in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, the winter can drag on longer than many of us like.

But it isn’t all bad.  I do like to go outdoors on the sunny days for walks, or just to take some pictures of things that catch my fanciful eye.  Last week I snapped a few shots of the glittering aftermath of a sleet storm.  It is also satisfying to find signs of wildlife…and finding wildlife itself.

(For better viewing, click on the first photo to start the gallery)

But then, as pretty as all this is, my heart is looking forward.  It waits patiently, yet eagerly for summer.

Coming soon:  Cold and Dreary February?  Nahh… Part Two  (Indoors)

This is why they call it “Bonavista” Bay

Backyard Sunset
Slob Ice in the Bay
Sunshine through the Clouds
My Cat Vivian Enjoying the View
Surreal, isn’t it?
Nature’s Beauty
Backyard View
So Romantic
Visit from a Baby Harp Seal
Whitecoat Watching
St. Luke’s
Beautiful Winter Day
Bald Eagle on Rock.  Notice Flatfish in his Clutches.    Photo courtesy of Wayne Perry
Seagull wants that Flatfish too!         Photo courtesy of Wayne Perry