Sunday Snap: Winter Morning

Peaceful winter morn
Dressed in snow – the only sound:
Soft moan of the sea.

I wish this was the view from our yard today, but no. This snap was taken last winter when we had snow. Positively springlike all weekend!

Photo originally published here.


8 thoughts on “Sunday Snap: Winter Morning

  1. So atmospheric and beautiful picture Jennifer. O.k., last winter…but it was there.
    We have the same weather as you, I have even been doing some work in the garden and found lots of high bulbs grown and buds on bushes and trees.

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  2. An enchanting winter scene, Jennifer and tender poem. Glad you have Springlike weather this year…we did – yesterday! Gave me a chance to view some bulbs peeking out of the ground, exploring the world of daylight though I think they might regret their early showing.

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