Evergreen Post: Summer Lovin’

I’ve been taking a blogging break while away from home these past couple of weeks, so today I’ll share a photography post from a beautiful July day six years ago.
Remember 2014, when life was simpler?  ~*sigh*~

I plan to return to regular blogging with a new Sunday Snap, on—you guessed it—Sunday!


Summer in my province of Newfoundland and Labrador, compared to most of North America, is short but ever so sweet. What makes it so cherished, to my mind?

The following photos were all taken in Lead Cove, the little community where I raised my children.

I love my home for its natural beauty,
its refreshing, rugged and
unspoiled charm,
for its clear and wide blue skies
without a whisper of smog.


I love the clean, sparkling water
and the glistening rocks adorning the coastline
that beg to be traced
and trod upon by eager footsteps.


I love summer in Newfoundland
for its breathtaking views
of seascapes and landscapes
when I embark on a hike.


Whether I traverse
its beaches of sand or
climb its rocky windswept hills,
I know my camera will find its aim.

I embrace it because
the bushes and shrubs,
green and lush,
are heavy with fragrance
and of wild roses in bloom…


…while in the gardens,
the planted perennials are brilliant with colour,
delighted at last
to spread their bright petals to the sun.



I love the hardy trees of Newfoundland
in summer…


…as they stretch
their ripe foliage to the sky.

184Shot through with rays of sunlight,
a shimmering haze settles over the treetops
like a warm summer veil.


After a long winter and dismal spring
of cold, naked branches,
they, as I do,
breathe a sigh of gratitude
at the return of this warm and golden season.


Are you filled with summer lovin’ where you live, or is the pandemic interfering?

Originally published here on July 29/14

35 thoughts on “Evergreen Post: Summer Lovin’

  1. Jennifer, thank you for sharing the beauty of your coastline … it looks sublime. The photos are stunning and I’m finding inner peace as I look at them slowly, imagining myself there! What a wonderful place to raise children, to live and your verse captures the area with wonder and joy! Hope you’ve had a good time away! Xx 😀🌺

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  2. This is so pretty, Jennifer. You do live in a beautiful place. The pandemic, the heat….I find I am staying indoors more. I’m not complaining, but this is certainly different than any other summer I can remember.

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    1. Thank you, Lois. I believe you commented the last time I posted this. 🙂
      I don’t blame you for staying indoors, and yes, it’s an entirely different summer with the pandemic. Folks are acting so strange, and it’s understandable to a degree. Even here, where the number of cases is very low, folks are behaving differently. Paul and I were walking on the sidewalk here in the city, and this lady (with her arms spread wide to keep us at a distance) yelled at us for not walking on the opposite sidewalk! I can only imagine what it’s like in cities that have a lot of cases.

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      1. Florida in general and my town in particular are awful. People still complain about masks, but both the city and the county, along with so many stores, are now mandating them, so…… Oh, that woman yelling at you an Pau–it never occurred to her to cross the street? This virus is bringing out so many traits in people that I had never seen before. Stay safe, Jennifer.

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