Sunday Snap: Puzzling

Wolves in Spring

I finished my pandemic puzzle this morning. Now I’m sad because I don’t have another one to start. Although puzzles may be considered a huge time-suck, I love them as a way to unwind. Jigsaw and crossword are my favourites, but like good books, I hate when I reach the end.

Speaking of puzzles, I learned two new words today:

  • Enigmatology: the science of puzzles
  • Cruciverbalist: a person skillful in creating or solving crossword puzzles

“It is one of man’s curious idiosyncrasies to create difficulties for the pleasure of resolving them.” – Joseph de Maistre

39 thoughts on “Sunday Snap: Puzzling

  1. Great job on the puzzle, Jennifer – it’s a nice one! I hope you can get a new one soon. I would be a little sad after finishing one too. I’ve been coloring and doing crosswords – also great ways to unwind. Take care, 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Barbara. I’m on the hunt for another good one. I haven’t tried colouring since I used to babysit the grandkids. 😊 But crosswords, yes I love them like you. I think you told me that before somewhere along the way. 😁 Enjoy your weekend!

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  2. Snap! 😀😀 Jennifer, we’ve taken to jigsaws these months and enjoyed them immensely… between all the frustration! They are addictive and about to start one called Fantasy Bookshop. Yours here is an astonishing image. Will you frame it? Wonder what your next one will be. I love the little facts and must admit despite my best attempts I am by no means a Cruciverbalist! Happy Puzzling and hope you’re having a lovely week! Xx

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    1. I certainly find them addictive, Annika. If we were closer we could swap a few. No I don’t frame them; I’d rather pass them on to someone in need, lol. I was looking at another one with wolves in it so I might get that, animal lover that I am. Have a lovely weekend! ❤

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  3. I think you have to ave a certain kind of mind for puzzles…naturally mathematically, which I don’t. My wife enjoys them and has done some during this time. They just make me nervous..:) Anxiety just looking at them. But then, I don’t have a mathematical mind.

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    1. You think it’s a mathematical aptitude? All I know is I love matching the patterns and colours. My husband Paul wondered why I don’t look at the picture on the box much, and I suppose that’s why. You sound like him though. He would try a few pieces and walk away. Funny how puzzles can make one person anxious and another person calm.

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      1. I do think so since everyone I know who likes puzzles likes LEGO’s also and that’s another thing that I could never do. And they’re all mathematically inclined..:)

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  4. Only one? You need to get moving, Jennifer. I’ve worked at least four and Derek is working on his 6th. Of course, ours have only been 500 pieces. It’s a shame we’re not neighbors, we have tons of puzzles waiting to be worked.

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