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Tuckamore are a part of Newfoundland’s natural landscape. They are the small, gnarled, and tangled evergreen trees that grow and flourish despite harsh conditions and obstacles that try to stand in their way: unforgiving adversaries like wind, rain, snow, and sleet.

A Tuckamore tree is known for its resiliency, adaptability and ability to survive under tough circumstances.


What have you survived in your life in spite of tough circumstances?

26 thoughts on “Tuckamore

  1. Beautiful, Jennifer, the Newfoundland Tuckermore. Thank you for the views.

    As for me, I’d say my big two have been divorce when my daughter was 9 and career interruptus by layoff after 30 years at the same company.

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  2. I’ve done that many a time–considered where I was yesterday to bring peace with where I am today. Knowing how hard I worked to get here–wherever that is with whatever that means–does bring a lot of peace.


    1. Absolutely! Now and then I flip through my old journals and visit the past and marvel at how I have arrived to where I am today (wherever that is, as you say, lol). There are distinct advantages that go along with age and experience. 😉


    1. Oh Kath, thank you. I’m sure you do have your share of trying days. But like that tree you will persevere because I know your heart is full of love, and if anyone can come through all of this, you can. Hugs, my friend, to you and your precious family. ❤


    1. Thanks, Val. They are probably called a different name in Scotland. I’ve seen a number of spellings (such as tuckamoor), but they are simply spruce or fir trees that are scruffy like shrubs and look as though they are hanging on for dear life. 🙂

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