Soul Mates

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Calm, while an ice storm rages
Inspired by the waves tossing by our door
What to wish for, only more of long cold nights by the sea
What to ask for, I don’t know, when I have all I need
Imperfect beauty
Hides between the lines and pages

Warm, with the cold wind blowing
Safe in the shelter of arms I adore
Let us be, so that this January is never-ending
Set us free where there’s no defending
Our perfect freedom
Infinite, yet ever growing


16 thoughts on “Soul Mates

    1. And that can be difficult sometimes when you prefer summer like most of us do! But winter, where I live here away from the city, has a lonely, haunting quality that I am growing to love. Thank you for your comment, and thanks for stopping by. ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. This is where the mind’s eye takes all of us from Newtown: be it puzzle to solve; thought to capture on paper; or warm reflection, regardless of the season of year. It helps when the scene is always in view of the natural eye.


  2. Soulmates..yes soulmates exist. You need to believe and differentiate. some people never find soulmates,they find life partners only. Some find their soulmate and yet they never know they did.


    1. I agree to a point. You might spend your entire life with someone who is not a true soul mate, and not even know what you’re missing. But if you are fortunate enough to find your soul mate, you will definitely know it. I would describe it as being completely in sync and comfortable with someone, but never bored with each other.
      Thank you for stopping by with your comments! ๐Ÿ™‚


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