Why Do I Blog?

Why does an individual like me keep a blog? I have been asked this on a few occasions, and at times it makes me stop and think, and even reassess what my intention is.

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts and on my About Me page, the origin of this journal came to me as a way to create consistently, in the form of a poem, a musing, or a small gallery of my personal photography. Usually the subject of these posts focused on something or someone I love, a topic I feel strongly about, or a place I have visited and wanted to share through pictures.

I also reported from time to time on my work in progress, a coming of age novel, Calmer Girls. (This is my working title and may or may not be the ultimate one.) My hope was by mentioning it in my blog and simply putting it out there, I would become more accountable and motivated to see it through to its completion.

I can say, without a doubt, my plan has been effective. This is not to say my blog is wonderful or the novel is going to be commercially successful. But what I can say, is that I took on a challenge, didn’t quit, and tried my best. Yes, due to the very nature of life and all it entails, there have been some weeks where I have found it difficult to produce anything, but thankfully those weeks have been in the minority. To a large extent I am pleased with my efforts, and the direction my blog and my new novel have taken.

I am expecting the novel will be ready for its first critique by the end of January. And I have no intentions of ending my blogging life any time soon! This is due in large part to the pleasure I derive from keeping it going each week, and connecting with so many other bloggers and readers all over the world. A number of my followers have been a Godsend, checking in and commenting regularly on my posts and encouraging me all along the way. You know who you are. ๐Ÿ™‚ In the very near future I am planning to highlight my most faithful and prolific commenters and give their wonderful blogs the shout-outs they deserve. They are the ones that help make blogging for me so rewarding.

This joy of discovery is real, and it is one of our rewards. So too is the approval of our work by our peers. ~ Henry Taube

What’s money? A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do. ~ Bob Dylan

Keep on being good to one another!


22 thoughts on “Why Do I Blog?

  1. I’m with you here, Jennifer. The blog becomes the writing and never fails you like rejection letters and criticism of your ‘baby’ does. We’re all in the same hopeful place and we keep each other writing. I’m excited you’re so close to finishing! I’m kinda starting over, thanks to … stuff… Oh well.


      1. No… More ominous than that… A complete rework of a story I love. I got sidetracked with a situation I though was going to get me published traditionally, didn’t work. Sigh. It’s been two years! So I have to go back and see what-the-heck I actually wrote.



        1. Oh, that doesn’t sound good at all. I’ve come to realize what a huge undertaking writing a book actually is, so I sympathize. Two years may seem like a long time, but in this business it seems to fly by in a snap, even though you’ve wrung out all that blood, sweat, and tears. I hope your next rework gets done quickly.


  2. Very excited for you Jennifer can’t wait to hear more about your novel. I too love this blogging community they keep me accountable for all my mad ideas on writing and I love it. Blessed to have connected with creative passionate people like you this year.


  3. I am so happy for you that your book is near completion. I wish you every success with its final steps. I note that your blog’s purpose has changed subtly from your poetry and photos; to inclusion of progress on your book; to being a rock of support for bloggers (like myself); inspiring us, keeping us motivated on our projects, and holding our hands during troubled times. I am so grateful to you that you have accepted me along on your journey.


    1. Thank you. I am so grateful for your encouragement too! You and some others have done many of the same things for me, and you are deserving of recognition in that future post I mentioned. I adore the use of the comments section here and on other blogs like yours, and would truly miss the connections I’ve made if they came to an end. Thanks again for being there for us. x


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