When I step outside, the midday air is frigid and preternaturally still.

I don’t need a forecast to know a windstorm is brewing.


The weak December sun shines through a thin milky veil,

giving zero warmth to my upturned face.


Billowing white wisps of cloud skirt the horizon.

Their gentle symmetry belies what is to come.


I see my breath float in the cold tranquility

as I stand on my frost-covered deck,

scarcely believing it will be +5C by morning.


Nothing moves.

Nothing makes a sound.

Peaceful, but…


…an eerie sense of what is impending looms,

a premonition of the gathering gale

far out at sea..


…and with it, the inevitability

of this quiet calm 

vanishing by nightfall.


*Travel Theme: “Still”

The Sky’s the Limit

Ailsa’s photo challenge this week is the Sky.

Here are a few of my personal favourites taken by our home here in Newfoundland.

Last Winter
x 2
x 2
golden sunset
golden Autumn sunset


January Sunset
January Sunset
January 2013 002
x 2 – notice the ice in the bay
Hot summer night sky came out looking like Armageddon!
Summer sunset sky came out looking like Armageddon!

Husband must have stood on a small hill because he isn’t that much taller than the rest of us. 🙂