Friday Bouquet #21


Carrie Rubin is a pediatrician who also happens to be the author of an award-winning medical thriller I recently enjoyed. Besides that, she is a blogger with a fine sense of humour.  I follow her blog, The Write Transitionand she keeps me smiling over on Twitter as well.

From her About Page:

“Physician, public health advocate, writer. I believe every experience is worthwhile, even if our paths deviate from where we started.

I am the author of The Seneca Scourge, a medical thriller. This blog chronicles my transition into the writing world, all with a dose of humor, because to me laughter is one of life’s necessities.”


Have a look at this recent post of Carrie’s, especially if you are guilty of using, ahem, big words:

Careful, Your Frasier Crane is Showing: Using Big Words In Writing When Smaller Ones Will Do

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Have a great weekend, everyone ❤