Greetings, humans! Maisie here, covering for Jennifer this week while she is away. My sister Vivian was eager to take over again, but Shy Little Me thought I would venture a few steps out of my comfort zone and host the blog for a change.


My sister and I had grown oh-so-bored with staying inside.

After the long, cold and snowy winter we endured in Canada this year, we are welcoming any signs of Spring with gratitude and huge sighs, or in our case,
purrs of relief.

When Vivian and I lived in the city four years ago, we had to content ourselves with the sighting of a robin or two in our backyard to let us know Spring had finally arrived.

Where we live now, there are many, many more signs to watch for and welcome. Not only fat robins with their red breasts, but birds of all kinds grace us with their presence, usually in pairs as they get ready for mating season.  And we eagerly await the arrival of the gannets in May, and arctic terns in June. There is something deeply comforting in seeing wildlife return, especially when you spy them huddled in twos, preening or foraging for food together here on Perry’s Point. The seagulls are here as always, dropping and breaking crabs and sea urchins open on the rocks. But now they are joined by a few saddleback gulls. Vivian even spotted a saucy mink the other day!

august 029

During the last few days, my sister and I have enthusiastically returned to the great outdoors.
So much to see, to smell, to hear and to taste.

august 061

 Vivian and I will stay outside almost all day when the summer gets here…

august 047

…just like last summer, and the summer before.


august 035

Life is good. 🙂

“I coulda hosted. It was my gig. Pfft!”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring!
What does Spring mean to you?



Happy Friday, everyone!

The Daily Post here at WordPress presents a challenge this week to exhibit the Unexpected in our photo collections. Here’s my take. 🙂

Which of these things doesn't belong here? (but is actually the cutest - my grandson!
Which of these dolls is the cutest? – My grandson, of course!


Cool Sculpture in Cannes, France
Cool Sculpture in Cannes, France


This sinkhole happened by our house a few years ago - Oh Deere!
This sinkhole happened by our house a few years ago. It took another back digger to pull it out. – Oh Deere!


Now Sis, you are just asking for a headache. ;)
Now Sis, you are just asking for a headache. 😉
(Dominican Republic)