Photo Challenge: Orange

Happy Monday, everyone!

I’m away from home for a second week, part of our annual summer getaway to St. John’s and surrounding areas. I had planned to blog a few Sunday Snaps yesterday, but time got away from me while visiting family and friends, so here we are. Monday Snaps it is!

I couldn’t resist Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge from last week, even though it’s the last day today. Orange in the great outdoors is often a vibrant colour, as the following selection of my photos will attest.

Carrots from my friend’s garden last fall. Thanks, Libby. They were sweet and delicious!
Colourful leaves in Corner Brook last fall . . .
. . . and in Marystown, mingling with shades of red and gold.
A “flutter-by” on our house. Is blue your favourite colour too, little one?
An orange-belted bumblebee rests on my bench.
This orange sunset warmed up a chilly winter eventide.
As did this one!
Vivian listens for voles in the sun-drenched sea oats.
You’ll be back there enjoying the golden evenings before you know it, kitty.

39 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Orange

  1. Jennifer, a wondrous collection of orange! The carrots look delicious and as for the sunsets – wow!! Feel my soul soaring and what an awe-inspiring sight! A blessing indeed to witness this! Hope you’re having a wonderful break! xx

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    1. Hi Annika, it makes me happy to read how much you loved my photos. It’s a beautiful world out there with all of its colours, isn’t it? I’m having a lovely break indeed, and I hope you are enjoying your summer too. Thanks so much. xx

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  2. These are so pretty, Jennifer. The blue background for the butterfly is gorgeous. As is that second sunset. But you know the winner for me is little Vivian adding a special touch to your last photo. That is the sweetest picture.

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  3. Hi Jennifer – I love seeing orange in nature. As you say, such a vibrant color and you’ve definitely captured it in these pictures. I can’t believe how perfect those carrots are and happy to hear how good they tasted. We tried growing carrots two years in a row and the results were very average. In fact, they never got to be as bright as the ones in your picture or taste even close to store-bought carrots). Hope you are enjoying your time away!

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    1. Hi Barbara! Those carrots were probably the best I’ve ever tasted in my life. So sweet and tender! I wish I had more of a green thumb. I’m trying to grow herbs and that’s turning out to be a challenge. Oh well.
      I am enjoying my time away. Always nice to have a change of scenery and a change of pace. 🙂


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