Sunday Snaps: Hope*

If ever there was a time to have patience, we’re living it right now.

While we each strive to do our part in what is expected of us during this pandemic, I hold onto hope.

I hope the global outbreak will become a distant memory sooner rather than later.

I hope common sense and cooler heads prevail. In many ways, the outcome is up to us.

I hope, above all, we remember to preserve the most precious part of our humanity: our kindness and compassion for one another.

 Embrace hope
and stay healthy, everyone.

*Photo Challenge: Hope

34 thoughts on “Sunday Snaps: Hope*

  1. Those pictures are gorgeous. I’m thinking a lot about the days before all this technology, just being outside with a camera and a roll of film at best. In a lot of ways, I kind of wish my life was still like that.

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  2. A wonderful reflection, Jennifer. As our solitude deepens, my gratitude for friendships increases. We may be on opposite sides of Canada but we are on the same pathway. I share your hope. This too shall pass and what will be remembered is the kindness and compassion that we experienced during this difficult time. Hugs!!

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