Sunday Snaps: Vivian in Oblivion

Hey, everyone! Vivian K. Perry here, totally oblivious to this thing called a pandemic.

I’m been using Maisie as a comfy, cushy pillow lately. My sister would never have let me take such liberties before, but then, she hasn’t been herself these past few weeks.

Our vet at Gander Veterinary Clinic says Maisie has an overactive thyroid, so she’s now on medicine for that. Jennifer applies it twice a day by rubbing it on the inside of her ear flap.

Unfortunately, her hyperthyroidism is not typical. Maisie has become anorectic, and without the appetite stimulant medication, she simply won’t eat.

Of course, I was the first one to notice something was wrong. I could never be oblivious to that! I’ve been doing my part by cuddling with her and keeping her warm.

I’m trying not to worry but it’s hard.

Please keep little Maisie in your thoughts, my friends.

40 thoughts on “Sunday Snaps: Vivian in Oblivion

  1. You are a wonderful sister, Vivian. I’m sure your care is helping Maisie feel better. Maisie, Buddy can’t imagine what it must be like to lose your appetite. He and I are wishing you a speedy recovery.

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  2. Oh, dear, my thoughts and prayers for you all and Maisie. It totally unnerves me when any of my cats stop eating. I keep a few appetite stimulant pills around just in case. I’ve also had a few cats with hypothyroidism, but I pilled them. Applying to the ear sounds much more humane and less stressful than pilling. I hope Maisie’s appetite picks up soon. We had one horrid weekend when all three of our cats stopped eating. One cat was suffering from an UTI and was on meds so that was her excuse but the other two were supposedly fine. It was a very hot weekend and I think the heat put them off. I went nuts buying a variety of foods for them, desperate to find one that they would all eat. And of course it was the weekend so we couldn’t get meds right away. It took a few days and some expensive brothy cat food in a packet and the appetite stimulants before they all started eating regularly again. It was frightening, though, so my heart goes out to you.

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    1. Oh my gosh, Marie, I can’t imagine having three cats refusing to eat at all at once! That must have been horrific.
      Yes, it is much easier applying the med to her ears, but I read that it may take longer for it to work when it’s given trans-dermally. What I’m most concerned about is her appetite, of course. We’ll find out this week if she can have more stimulant to keep her going. Do you have any info on that, if it can be given to a cat long term? It’s an antidepressant, apparently.
      Thank for your concern and well wishes. They are much appreciated. xx

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      1. Oh, Jennifer, sorry I didn’t see your questions until now. Our cats were prescribed Cerenia. It’s an anti-nausea medication. Our vet suspected that somehow they became nauseated by their food and that’s why they kept literally turning their noses up at it. The nausea might have started because it was so hot and once it set in, nothing I offered them seemed to stimulate their interest. Actually, quite the opposite. The pills took a few days to “kick in”; meanwhile I bought several different varieties of food. I think it was some Fancy Feast brand packets of broth with shredded chicken that they started eating. All told, it took about a full week to get them eating regularly, although I gave them the fancy stuff off and on for a long time until I was confident everyone was back to normal. How is your girl now? I checked to see if you posted an update, but didn’t see one. I admit, I kind of go off my rocker when any one of them goes off their food.

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        1. That’s ok, Marie.
          Maisie was prescribed Mirtazipine for her appetite, and it seemed to work at first, but now it’s hit or miss. She won’t eat her regular food or treats. Yesterday I opened a can of salmon in oil and she ate some of it. We were overjoyed for a little while, until we saw that she wasn’t eating enough to sustain herself. We tried different wet cat foods and she wouldn’t look at them (she never did like canned cat food). She is not herself at all and we are losing hope. 😦

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    1. Exactly, Andrea. We do a happy dance whenever she eats something now. We’ve had a bit of success with turkey in a drop of soup broth. She’s never liked wet food like Vivian does, so it’s been a challenge for sure. Thanks so much for your well wishes. xx

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  3. Oh, Jennifer–I am so sorry to read this about Maisie. This just came up? I had to rub some kind of cream in Teemu’s ears (RIP sweet boy), but it was for his seizures. Not sure about Maisie’s meds, but Teemu’s came with a little rubber finger. I had no clue why that was in there and after many years, happened to mentioned it to the vet. He gasped a bit when I told him I had just been using my own finger, not the rubber thing. My girls send much love to Vivian and sweet Maisie.

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    1. Thanks for the love, Lois and kitties. Maisie started losing weight over the last few months but we weren’t too concerned because her weight fluctuated before. But when she stopped eating we took her to the vet. She’s been on thyroid meds and appetite stimulant for three weeks now and will need more next week. The vet said because she’s anorectic her prognosis isn’t as favourable as typical hyperthyroidism. I rub the meds into her ear with one finger in a glove. Hoping she rallies and comes around soon! xx

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